FAQ about Tulum Safety

Yes, it's usually safe to travel alone in Tulum. However, you can let someone know your plans if you're heading to more remote areas or partaking in adventure activities.

Tulum's crime rate was relatively low, especially compared to larger cities. Mexico’s government tries to ensure tourists' safety, so many people feel safe when visiting Tulum. However, there have been some reported crimes against tourists in Tulum, especially during the

Yes, the Riviera Maya, including Tulum, is generally safe for tourists. However, it’s important to consider typical travel precautions, such as avoiding lonely unlit areas.

Both Tulum and Cancun are generally safe places. However, Tulum is smaller than Cancun, so it may feel safer due to the fewer people around. 

Yes, tourists are typically safe in Tulum. However, you should take care of your personal belongings at every moment, for example, if you want to go to the toilet when you are working in a cafe, don’t leave your laptop

In Tulum, it is better not to stay in areas that aren’t well lit, or isolated places. We recommend you to choose accommodations with good reviews and security measures, we try to always select a place with 24/7 security! 

While there are cartels in Tulum, tourists are generally safe from them, as long as you don’t interact with them buying drugs or other illegal activities. 

Yes! Cenotes in Tulum are safe places to visit. However, keep in mind that some cenotes are really deep, so just keep the security measures, especially if you don’t swim!