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Tulum is one of Mexico’s hottest destinations. And not only for the beautiful beaches, the charming town and the magic cenotes you will visit, but also for the incredibly appealing places to shop! We bet you will not be able to resist Tulum’s style clothing and you will fall in love with the shops mentioned in our guide below.

If you are not sure about what to pack for your trip to Tulum, don’t worry: I always advise friends to bring less dresses and clothing than they would. Why? Because in Tulum you will want to buy so many things you will certainly need some extra space in your bag. But let’s skip on and discover the essentials to pack for your vacation in Mexico and our favorite clothing shops in Tulum!

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Tulum weather and the famous Tulum vibe

Guess what? Weather in Tulum is hot, hot, hot! Remember while you’re packing, that linen and simple clothing will save your life out there. Since the sun is always beating, another must have is sunscreen protection: remember to apply it always before leaving your hotel, even if you are wearing one of those beautiful boho hat! Talking about hat, you probably noticed that if you search for Tulum on Instagram or you saw a few photos of your friends there, a real Tulum vibe exists when we talk about outfits. Boho vibes, fancy cowboy hat, long linen dress, handmade leather shoes, woven bag: all these items will be a great base for any outfits during your travel to Tulum. Are you curious about our list of essentials to pack (or shop in Tulum) for your trip? Keep on reading!

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tulum centro outfit man shirt

“Eddy In Tulum Centro”

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“What's Better Than A White Dress For The Beach?”

The essentials to pack for your vacation in Tulum: our list

Dresses, dresses and dresses

A long and a short dress are always a must have. Comfortable to go to the beach or to walk in town, they will keep you fresh and you will always be elegant and chic. So while packing, bring at least 2 dresses. Why only 2? Because in Tulum you will fall in love with so many handmade and conscious dresses, you will want to buy a thousand of them!

A bag for the day and one for the night

I personally love having a woven bag that fits everything! Plus, it’s definitely a Tulum’s style must have. Comfortable and big enough to be an inseparable travel mate, from the beach to the ruins and even to the cenotes, you will be happy to have it with you. But what about the night, when you will wear an elegant long dress? I recommend you to bring an extra small bag to complete your party’s outfit in a quick time.

A hat to upgrade any outfits

This is most probably the only thing I really recommend you to buy in Tulum. Here you will find so many places to shop great hats (which are usually handmade). No matter if you are female or male, you will love to spice up your outfit by adding a simple boho hat. 

A versatile top

A linen top, a crop top, or everything that keeps you protected from the sun and fresh at the same time is really a great deal for a trip to Tulum. 

Comfortable shoes

We love the typical shoes from Mexico called “huaraches“. You will find many places in Tulum to shop for them, and thinking they are all handmade, with great leather and beautiful colors, will make you fall in love with them. Find below our favorite shoe shop! 

Linen shorts all day every day

Linen will save your life in Mexico! A linen dress, top or shorts are definitely something you should pack before you travel. If you want to buy linen at a more affordable price, considering buying it in Tulum is a great idea since it’s often on sale.   

Where to shop in Tulum town and beach?

Have a quick view of the most amazing shops in town checking out our guide! We cover both shops in Tulum town and beach, so that you can plan a full day of shopping during your vacation, completely hassle free. Are you ready to upgrade your Tulum style? Let’s go!


We love Shroud’s creations! Handmade by artisan, family-run workshop and craftswomen in Mexico, you will fall in love with their bags, hats, jewels and belts – find much more on their website. If you want to sustain a small business and rock your Tuluminati outfit, you shouldn’t miss these creations. We love their burgundy bag, what about you? 

red bag tulum style

“In Love With This Red Bag”

belt mexican handcraft

“Be The Star Of Tulum Beach With This Belt”

Tulum Essentials

Tulum Essentials, more than being incredible human beings, create clothes to be one with Tulum and its vibe. If you are searching for the best set to wear in Tulum, you can’t miss one of Tulum Essentials collections in your wardrobe. A cool thing? They also offer beautiful clothes for men! If you are with your partner, why not rock the Tuluminati style together? Use the discount code “Digitalnomad” to get 10%!

Kaahal Home Tulum

This concept shop is perfect if you want to buy nice and conscious souvenirs during your trip, great items for your home and ethically made clothing. You will also find perfect boho outfits to rock the beach and beautiful bikinis, in addition to handmade bag. We love their items for the house: we are sure you will love their tableware, lamps and mirrors. 

At which address you find it?

Oceana Tulum Boutique

Oceana Tulum Boutique makes incredibly beautiful dresses that will make you feel effortless chic in any occasion. The materials, included linen, are selected with care and love and will make you feel free thanks to their fit. Their price is also really good for the quality of their clothing. 

At which address you find it?

Honesta Vintage

Honesta Vintage is the best place in Tulum town to buy second hand and preloved items. But they don’t have only clothes: get lost in their maze of bag, shoes and accessories to rock your Tulum outfit in a vintage way!

At which address you find it?
men necklace outfit tulum

“Eddy Loves Necklaces”

bracelets tulum jewels tribal

“Beautiful Handmade Jewels”

La Tiendita Tulum

This shop is perfect if your style is minimal and elegant. We really love their concept and their neutral colors. Check out the beautiful clothes to complete your outfit and if you want to bring a souvenir back home, don’t forget to give a quick view to their home decor things. 

At which address you find it?

Claude Tulum

If your style is elegant, refined and you like to wear boho hats, then you should visit Claude in the beach zone. This place has beautiful clothes made in Mexico and a big variety of hats for any taste. 

At which address you find it?


This place has definitely a unique location, and you should visit it even if you are not interested in buying anything. Perfectly fitting with the atypical architecture, its beautiful clothes are disposed in an artistic way around the shop. And yes, there are high chances you have a crush on a dress and you will have nothing to do but buy it!

At which address you find it?

In The Middle Tulum Boutique

In our guide, this shop is a men’s paradise! Trendy but yet classy clothes for men are sold here, at a very good price and often on sale. A must during your trip if you have a boyfriend back home and you want to find the perfect gift to bring from Mexico. 

At which address you find it?
tulum outfit bikini

“Tulum Is Full Of Different Bikinis”

tulum outfit men

“How Stylish Robin Is In This Photo!”

House of CUCA

If you love souvenirs, hats, bags and jewelry, this place in Aldea Zama has to be at the top of your list of shops to check out. One of the best in the neighborhood, here you find beautiful handcrafted souvenirs, hats and eclectic jewelry. We are sure you will love its things!

At which address you find it?

Nakawe Trading

We love the aesthetic of this place. The design of the spaces and of the clothes they sell it’s just unique. Don’t miss their bikini, the textiles for the house and the home section.

At which address you find it?

Wanderlust Tulum Boutique

Another beautiful shop in Tulum to upgrade your dresses! Here you can buy incredible simple dresses, minimal jewels, hats and, brace yourselves, unique perfumes. Definitely a place in our guide to check out. 

At which address you find it?

AvF Artesanos Huaraches Beach Store

That’s the place we mentioned before. Here you’ll find authentic huaraches, Mexico’s handmade leather shoes. They come in many colors, they usually have sale for small numbers and overall, very good prices. Definitely something you should pack when you travel back home! 

At which address you find it?
tulum outfit men beach shorts

“Linen Shorts Are Perfect For Tulum”

tulum outfit girl dress beach

“Long Dresses Are Comfortable But Yet So Chic”

Tulum Best Venues Dress Codes

If you’re planning to explore the best venues in Tulum, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the dress codes to ensure you look the part and make the most of your experience. From chic beach clubs to trendy bars, Tulum’s venues each have their unique style and ambiance, reflected in their dress codes. So, whether you’re getting ready for a sunset beach party or a stylish evening out, read on to discover the dress codes for Tulum’s best venues and get ready to dress to impress in this tropical haven.

Papaya Playa Project

At the renowned Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, the dress code is all about bohemian chic meets beach vibes. As you soak in the breathtaking ocean views and dance under the swaying palm trees, opt for breezy and flowy outfits in light, natural fabrics like linen or cotton. Embrace the tropical ambiance with vibrant colors, floral prints, and playful accessories. Whether it’s a stylish sundress, a colorful sarong, or casual beachwear, the key is to keep it relaxed and effortlessly stylish at Papaya Playa Project, where the dress code perfectly complements the laid-back, boho atmosphere of this iconic beach club. Discover our favorite brands and more info about Papaya Playa Project dress code today!

Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra in Tulum is a chic, upscale dining destination where the dress code exudes sophistication and style. Dress to impress in fashionable attire that’s sleek, refined, and elegant. Opt for sophisticated cocktail dresses, tailored suits, or trendy separates in neutral or muted tones. Women can elevate their look with statement jewelry and stylish heels, while men can opt for dress shoes and smart accessories. Rosa Negra’s dress code is all about polished and fashionable outfits that reflect the upscale ambiance of this renowned restaurant, where you can dine in style against the backdrop of Tulum’s stunning tropical scenery.


Tulum Taboo is a luxurious and exclusive beach club known for its upscale atmosphere and trendy clientele. The dress code at Taboo is chic and sophisticated, with an emphasis on elegant and stylish attire. Opt for upscale resort wear, such as flowing maxi dresses, stylish jumpsuits, or tailored linen suits. Choose sophisticated colors and sleek silhouettes that exude a refined and polished look. Complete your outfit with fashionable accessories, such as statement jewelry and stylish sandals or heels. Taboo’s dress code is all about elevating your style and embracing a sophisticated and upscale beach club ambiance in Tulum’s pristine paradise.


Bagatelle in Tulum is a vibrant and energetic beach club that embraces a fun and festive atmosphere, and the dress code perfectly reflects this lively vibe. Get ready to embrace playful and trendy attire that’s perfect for dancing and mingling by the beach. Opt for chic swimwear, stylish cover-ups, and bold, colorful outfits that make a statement. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with statement pieces, such as floppy hats, sunglasses, and playful jewelry. Men can go for casual but stylish beachwear, like colorful shorts and trendy sandals. The dress code at Bagatelle is all about being playful, fashionable, and ready to party in Tulum’s lively beach scene.

Set Underground

Set Underground in Tulum is a renowned festival known for its underground electronic music scene and avant-garde vibe. The dress code at Set Underground is all about expressing your unique style and embracing the edgy, artistic atmosphere of this exclusive venue. Think unconventional and experimental fashion, with a focus on bold, statement pieces, and avant-garde ensembles. Embrace unconventional colors, textures, and silhouettes, and let your creativity shine. From cutting-edge fashion to artistic accessories, Set Underground’s dress code encourages you to push the boundaries and express yourself boldly in this cutting-edge Tulum hotspot.

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“Virginia Will Transform You In A Tulum Insider”

We hope our guide to the best Tulum outfits and shops helped you pack before your trip, or find some hidden gems during your vacation. Don’t forget to let us know your experience down below and share with other fashion lovers your favorite boutiques in Tulum!

FAQ about Tulum Outfit

What colors should I wear in Tulum, Mexico?

In Tulum, you can wear colors like white, pastels, and neutrals. If you’re looking for a more vibrant style, try blues or greens! You can also get creative with mixing patterns and prints for an eye-catching look. 

What kind of clothes should I pack for my trip to Tulum?

For your trip to Tulum, you should pack lightweight and breathable clothes. Dresses, shorts, tops, hats, sandals, and swimsuits are a must! 

What kind of shoes should I pack for my trip to Tulum?

Definitely, you should pack comfortable shoes for your trip to Tulum. “Huaraches” are a popular comfortable shoe that you can find in shops in Tulum. You should definitely check them out!  

Are there any dress codes in Tulum?

Some restaurants and bars in Tulum have dress codes, but generally in Tulum you can dress with relaxed, laid–back clothes and you will be perfectly aligned with the vibes! 

Can I buy beachwear in Tulum?

Yes! You can buy beachwear in Tulum. Look out for handmade items, local boutiques and artisan stores with unique items. Swimwear is popular and you can find many different types at shops near the beach.

Are there any shops to buy handmade clothing in Tulum?

Yes, there are several shops in Tulum that you can explore to buy handmade clothing, like AVF artesanos huaraches, or Nakawe trading. Buying clothes and shoes there feels like buying a piece of art to wear! 

What clothes should I pack for cooler months in Tulum?

For cooler months in Tulum, you should pack a jumper, a jacket or a jersey. However, if you forget to pack them or you don’t have space, you can always buy some from the local stores. 

Can I wash my clothes in Tulum?

Yes, you canvas your clothes in Tulum. Some accommodations offer laundry services. Moreover, there are laundry services around Tulum that will help you to keep your best outfit clean and ready for the adventure!

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