The beautiful city of Tulum is a dreamy getaway to escape into a world filled with adventure and healing during the day. While at night, enjoy the best of nightlife events and go-to restaurants, clubs, and bars that Tulum has to offer! 

Across the main street of the hotel zone of Tulum, it’s the best strip to visit to immerse in the Tulum nightlife at its finest. With so many parties, events and beach clubs, finding out the best ones can be tricky.

We are now pro of partying only thanks to Virginia – a Mexican Tulum adopted girl that has lived in Tulum for more than 15 years and knows everybody here. She helped us out from day one finding the best tables and tickets, not to mention the special prices.

If you want to take advantage of her free services, contact her on Whatsapp and assure yourself the best nightlife experience in Tulum, or check her FREE services down below!

Ready to discover some of the best spots in Tulum to party and have fun with the best DJs and atmosphere?

Remember, “the cool kids stay up all night” 😉

Move in the article clicking on the different sections here below!

Dive into the Nightlife Scene looking this vlog


Looking for the perfect place to enjoy a lovely dinner with friends and families? We discovered these thanks to Virginia and we absolutely love them – visit these restaurants and stay after 10pm to catch the breathtaking performance to elevate your dining experience!


Having the most successful restaurant in Tulum than in Cancun and Mexico City, Rosa Negra Tulum will take you to the best party with their signature Magical Lights concept to celebrate your special day! 

The concept is meant to liven up your dining experience and celebration by setting the mood with hand-held sparkle, awakening the Latin passion! Definitely, an excellent restaurant to immerse in the appetizing Latin food, drinks, music, and atmospheric environment and celebrate private events.

This place is always packed! We were with friends visiting and they booked through the booking platform open table. When we got there they didn’t have our reservation. We called Virginia and she helped us to get one when it was almost impossible. If you find yourself in the same situation – better contact her on Whatsapp and don’t ruin your night!

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A greek culinary delight where taste meets passion in the heart of Tulum city, Mexico. In this family-friendly restaurant, allow yourself to let the ambiance, music, and events transport you to Greece! Bask your faces in the mouth watering signature cuisine and cocktails!

Keep staying at Illos after 10pm and enjoy the fun ritual of smashing plates and watching the fire dance! Virginia was enthousiast to make us discover their show and in fact it’s very unique and fun. Depending if you want to be close to the show or a bit further to talk, she can book the best table based on your needs. The experience definitely makes a great night out rather than a normal dining.


As a part of a big culinary business, Anderson Group, Bak Steakhouse & Bar is another masterpiece! It offers guests a concept of the ancient lands of Mexico and the Mayan culture. In honor of the relationship between culture and haute cuisine, Bak prepares a gift to the fire god at 10pm by hosting live music and a Mayan-style fire dance!

When our parents came to visit, Virginia recommended to us BAK – it was the perfect place to bring them and spend an unforgettable night together. If you want to enjoy the show and the finest meat cuts, seafood menu, and gastronomy across the town – contact Virginia to assure yourself an authentic Mayan dining experience.

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BAGATELLE is known for its signature French Mediterranean cuisine and offers the finest dining experience in town. 

Open until 12am, enjoy a good time during dinner with live music, a fun atmosphere, and an exuberant ocean view. Besides their signature foods, Bagatelle boast a selection of exclusive champagne, upon request they will invite you to the champagne room to choose the best ones to your liking. It’s perfect for people who love champagne showers, and are you that person?

We discovered all these secret gems thanks to Virginia and this really upgraded our nights – make sure not to miss her complete list of services!


Spend one of your nights and experience an authentic Mexican cuisine of Porfirios Restaurante! Their dishes represent the root of the culture and tradition of the land. Virginia encourages us to come to this place a lot. She came with us the first time and, since she’s Mexican, she showed us all the dishes, including how to eat tacos with habanero and cool Mexican drinks like ojo rojo! Take advantage of her FREE services down below.

Open from 5pm to 12am, book a table in the jungle side of Tulum, stay after 10pm for the spectacular surprise show, and listen to the music of the live mariachi band!

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Eddy’s friend from Paris came to visit and we didn’t know where to take him for dinner because he’s really into urban music and hip hop. And what a surprise! When we asked Virginia, she told us about this place. 

An authentic club that embraces the heart and soul of Mediterranean cuisine. The main reason for Taboo’s popularity is that it takes you to a multisensory experience of flavorful meals, club-like music, and breathtaking views! Plus, they always have different surprises every night, making it a special experience everyday.

Also, consider contacting Virginia to arrange a celebration at Taboo thanks to her insider contacts, and they will surprise your loved ones with a special gift at the end of the day!


As tranquil the Tulum beach is during the day, the sandy beach transforms into a dance floor and it gets rowdy at night! So, don’t miss the opportunity during your tours in Tulum, and check out the best parties at the playa!


Spend Saturday nights on the beach and party under the full moon with the Papaya Playa Project. The intense sensory experience gives you a memorable night of your life! Plus, arrive before 10pm because it will get packed all night, and we suggest booking a table rather than purchasing tickets. But…

Since the event is one of the most successful parties in Tulum and is open to guests from other hotels, it gets packed all night! So getting a good table for a group is a hit or miss, but we decided to get a table through Virginia’s service and get the best spot not far from the Dj. It’s so amazing to know that she’s friends with the people of Papaya Playa and physically tours the place to recommend the perfect table to us. Best of all, her services are free!

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When dinner turns into dancing, travel into the jungle of Tulum and get lost in the magic of Gypsy-disco at Gitano Tulum Jungle! The only place to be on Friday night is to dance under the giant disco ball, which is the main party of the day. 

Stay the entire night and get the full experience of enjoying the modern Mexican menu and three bars that boasts 50 mezcals and signature cocktails right before the party. When you’re there, find the jungle room as it is set for fun and free your own expression!

Also, there’s a cover fee for the drink tickets before entering, but we contacted Virginia on Whatsapp, and we made it to the guest list avoiding the entrance ticket fee. Find out more about their FREE concierge service.


The first time we were here, it was so much fun! Virginia organized my bff bachelor party. We got a table close to the DJ, just on the dance floor and we danced all night long! 

Besides the good seafood menu and exquisite drinks, the spiritual and conscious communities love to spend their party days at Vagalume, which makes it so popular in Tulum. Especially during special nights, Vagalume hosts one of the most famous Live DJ parties, fire performances, and other festivals. Feel free to contact us to learn more about their upcoming events to plan your days!

vagalume edm club tulum beach


IT is one of the top Italian restaurants across the hotel zone that harmonize curated music, appetizing Mediterranean cuisine designed by Michelin-starred chefs, and cozy contemporary interiors. Be part of their special reopening for the high season this 26th of December. Contact Virginia to reserve a table for the night!

Psst! One of the unique things about IT is the hidden cenote surrounded by mangrove trees in the jungle. Such a tranquil spot to unwind from the loud music and powerful vibe!


Still have energy left in you after all dinner and dancing? End your night with more parties and drinks at the best after-party clubs in Tulum.

Come visit just as the party starts at 1am to 5am, where most of the time, a bottle of service is mandatory to get in. Still, it’s all gonna be worth it because it gets even rowdier. So, bottoms up and party more till morning!


The first time we went there it’s because we found Virginia when we were leaving Bagatelle (just in front of this venue). It was easy for us to be convinced by her because she offered us a ride back to town after the party! They didn’t even cover us because she knows the guy at the entrance. It was insane: we finally found a real club hidden in the jungle. Contact her to get in easily

Be sure to come before 11pm. And listen to the renowned Dj of Bonbonniere from the Martinez Brothers, Coco & Breezy, and Michael Bibi blessing your ears with different genres, including house, techno, and others!

bonbonniere tulum edm club
zamanik tulum parties nightlife


One night we asked Virginia for advice and she brought us to this after party in the safe and fancy neighborhood of Aldea Zama. When we got there we thought she tricked us, from outside you can hear nothing at all. Then after two security doors and sound proof entrance we found the most cool speakeasy in town!

It then became our go-to club – highly recommend visiting Zamanik Bar every Sunday, because it’s “Dominik night”! A special Dj will host the music, and it will get busy all night. You might want the convenience of getting into their guest list (free entrance), and we offer free concierge service to help you!

Upgrade your nightlife in Tulum: Meet Virginia and Kelly concierge masters

As excellent to explore all the luxurious hotels, bars, and clubs, you may need help figuring out where to start. So, to make the most of your money and time, contact Virginia and Kelly, who are familiar with the ins & outs of the Tulum town and hotel zone like the back of their hand. Also, the local people who worked at the locations mentioned are their friends, which helps a lot in getting the best tables and skipping queues. Who knows what many other Tulum secrets they fill you in!

They have been in Tulum for 15 years, and they can give you tours like no other! We are so fortunate to meet her because she helped us experience the reality of Tulum nightlife and made this article happen. Most of all, her services are free, so you have nothing to lose.

You can’t leave Tulum without having booked a table with them: your night will be turned upside down and you’ll not believe how much fun you had. Trust us 😉

Things we love about Virginia and Kelly's service

They are better than booking platforms (which usually don't work well), because they know the people at the venues
They always recommend you new parties depending the time of the year
For groups of 10 people or more, they go to the location to assure you the best service ever
Their services are FREE
They can add you on the guest lists to avoid entrance fee
Their English is great and they can create custom-made experiences for you
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“Our Virginia Is Ready To Help You In Tulum”

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“Kelly Was Essential For So Many Events Here”

5 tips about Tulum nightlife and safety you should know

Explore the different scenes - Tulum offers a variety of nightlife scenes, from beachfront bars to underground clubs. Don't be afraid to explore and try out different spots to find your perfect vibe.
Take advantage of happy hour - Many bars and restaurants in Tulum offer happy hour specials, so take advantage of the discounted prices and try out some new drinks.
Make reservations - Tulum's popular bars and restaurants can get crowded, so it's a good idea to make reservations in advance to ensure you can get a table or spot at the bar.
Stick to well-lit areas - Tulum can be a bit dark at night, so it's important to stick to well-lit areas and avoid any dimly-lit or deserted streets. Walk with a friend or in a group, and avoid walking alone if possible.
Use trustworthy transportation - While Tulum does have taxis and ride-sharing options, it's important to use trustworthy transportation services. Stick to reputable taxi companies or use a ride-sharing app, and avoid getting into unmarked taxis or accepting rides from strangers.

FAQ about Tulum Nightlife

Are there parties all year in Tulum?

If there’s one thing for sure, this is that Tulum never sleeps! In Tulum you’ll always have an event, a special dinner experience or an after-party. For sure during low-season the parties and festivals are less: that’s why you can contact Virginia for free and know the events depending on the time of the year!

Where is the nightlife in Tulum?

The nightlife in Tulum is focused on the beach strip, where all the coolest hotels and beach clubs are. You’ll not get lost here: in fact there’s only one long road along Tulum beach.

What can I do if I can’t purchase my ticket online?

Many times it happened to us that our card didn’t work with booking platforms for events and parties in Tulum. But hey – don’t despair! You can contact Virginia and she’ll be able to insert you in guest lists and make reservations for you. No need to struggle online!

Can I pay by cash? How tipping works in Tulum nightlife?

When in Mexico it is always great to have cash with you. Many places don’t accept credit cards, so better you carry a bit of cash with you – just in case. Tips can be already included in the bill or not, you can check that on the bill under the voice “propina”, but the average tipping in Mexico is 10-15%, so keep that in mind!

What is Tulum’s nightlife like?

Tulum’s nightlife is awesome! You’ve got everything from laid-back beach bars to high-energy clubs. It’s super diverse and always vibrant!

What type of music can I expect at Tulum’s nightclubs?

In Tulum’s nightclubs you can expect a mix of electronic, techno, or Latin music. Some clubs host international DJs as well! So be prepared for a wide range of music tastes! 

How late does public transportation run in Tulum?

Tulum public transportation such as colectivos typically stop running at 11pm. Taxis are available at all hours, so you should consider your options when partying at night. 

Can you walk around Tulum at night?

Yes, you can walk around Tulum at night and it’s generally safe. However, we would say it’s always better to stay in a well-lit area with other people around. Try avoiding dark and quiet spots, just as in every city.

What time does nightlife start in Tulum?

Nightlife in Tulum starts around 10 or 11 pm, where you can go to a bar or a restaurant to have dinner or enjoy a live music concert. If you are still feeling energy after dinner and dancing, you can still go to an after-party club! 

Are there after-parties in Tulum?

Yes, there are after-party clubs in Tulum that usually start around 1 or 2 am, till about 5 am! Here you can dance ’til the sun comes up!

Is it safe to attend after-parties in Tulum?

Yes, it is generally safe to attend after-parties in Tulum. Just be sure to take all the necessary precautions, such as avoiding dark alleys alone. Also, it’s always safer to go with a group or a trusted friend. Have fun! 

Do I need to make reservations for nightclubs in Tulum?

It’s not necessary to make reservations for nightclubs in Tulum, but it’s highly recommended, especially for popular clubs that can get overbooked easily! So it’s a good idea to make reservations or arrive early to ensure entry. You can contact Virginia and get the best tables in your favorite place!

Is it customary to tip at bars and nightclubs in Tulum?

Yes, tipping is customary in Tulum, and it’s important for the local community that is working hard.  It is usually expected that you tip between 10-15% at bars and nightclubs. We always try to tip 20%, to show our appreciation to the service, that is always incredible! 

Is Tulum or Cancun better for nightlife?

Tulum is generally better for nightlife, because you will find a vibrant atmosphere, and without  the crowdedness of Cancun. Additionally, Tulum offers more options in terms of music genres and types of events. 

Is there live music in Tulum?

Yes, many bars and restaurants in Tulum plays live music, ranging from traditional Mexican music to reggae, jazz, and rock. We recommend you to check the restaurant’s website so you are aware of any upcoming events.


With dozens of great clubs across the hotel zone and town, you are still determining which time is perfect for visiting these locations. Let us share our two years of Tulum nightlife experience in a few minutes. You will know the go-to place to party, where to eat fantastic haute food and drinks, and the good day of the week to visit the place! 

Want to know our secret? Check out our weekly roadmap of clubs in Tulum!


After a fun beach day, visit Bak Restaurant & Bar and replenish yourselves with the finest meat cuts and seafood in Tulum, Mexico! 

Must know: Locations below are open during the high seasons, and less likely on the low season. Since, you can’t rely on Google to update their open times, it’s more convenient to be in touch with our Tulum-nightlife expert friend, Virginia, so she can tell you all there is to know about upcoming parties, special events, festivals, and more!


Bak’s Restaurant & Bar offers you a unique Mayan cosmology concept providing the finest cut of meat and seafood on the menu and exquisite gastronomy of local cocktails and drinks!

Come visit before 10pm and don’t miss the spectacular atmosphere of the fire dance! Transforming the restaurant into a live performance by professionals to entertain your night. Check out their latest Instagram post!


The next day, visit Ilios Tulum and delight in their homemade Greek menu that’s popular throughout the hotel zone. While the night is young, surround yourself with cold drinks and hip people, and dance at Straw Hat Hostel & Rooftop Bar!


The sophisticated restaurant, Ilios Tulum, offers you a Greek culinary delight in Mexico – not to mention the Greek tradition of smashing plates and the fire dance.

Open from 5pm to 1am, enjoy Ilios top quality food, drinks, and dining experience. Make sure to stay after 10pm to see the spectacular show! Get carried away by the mesmerizing hip music, fire dance, and especially, trapeze dancers. Contact Virginia to make sure to book a table to spend a great night out.


Here’s where the party gets crazy! Open until the morning, spend your night in Tulum on the rooftop under the vibrant neon lights and the energetic music, and dance with the pack of strangers. Go pop some cold drinks and enjoy the lively atmosphere throughout the night!


Spend every Wednesday night celebrating Latin American food culture and dance parties in the bohemian atmosphere of Rosa Negra Tulum! To keep the party going, visit the hip night club and listen to renowned Djs at Zamanik Bar afterward. 


Nestled through the best beaches in Tulum, Rosa Negra beach restaurant offers you top quality Latin American and Mexican cuisine to your table. Open until 1am, start your night munching delicious food and drinks, then stay until midnight to shake-it on the dance floor and surround yourself with lively people. It’s a perfect night out for groups, but we once lost our table reservation since it’s always packed. So we called Virginia, and she helped us to get one when it was almost impossible!


After midnight, visit the Zamanik Bar, the best club in the fanciest neighborhood of Tulum, Aldea Zama! Open until 6am, this small and compact club (up to 100 guests) offers to blow your senses away. Delight in cold drinks at their speakeasy bars and spend the rest of your day under the hip strobe lights; party, here we go! Special thanks to Virginia for helping set us on their guest list.


Especially on Thursdays, Mamazzita enchants you with its jungle atmosphere, perfect or elegant dining, and after-party entertainment! 


Among the hotels across the beach strip, Mamazzita Tulum is a unique culinary concept reflecting the essence of Mexican food culture and its rustic design juxtaposed with the jungle. Spoil yourself with their tasteful local dishes, finest mezcal & tequila cocktails, and live performance! 

The fun part of this Mexican restaurant is that it hosts private parties; they will prepare a unique atmosphere and entertainment for your special day. Contact Virginia to help you in this. Even if it’s not your special day, you will mostly find yourself celebrating someone’s celebration because it’s a popular spot for a private party!


Celebrate Fridays partying at Gitano’s signature Disco night! On the other hand, consider walking five minutes to Bonbonniere nightclub to experience an exclusive nightclubbing experience till morning!


Only on Fridays you want to get lost in the magic of Gypsy-disco at GItano Tulum in the jungle! While you eat and dance, don’t forget to visit the bar and enjoy Gitano’s selection of 50 mezcal and signature cocktails.


Suppose you just decided to enjoy the vibe of Gitano and dine on their yummy Mexican menu. Well, in that case, you want to attend the dance at Bonbonniere! A luxurious nightclub with a signature atmosphere of the red neon lights illuminating the dark dance floor.

Be sure to come before 11pm to listen to the renowned Dj of Bonbonniere playing the best of house and techno music!

A funny story is when we first met Virginia, she helped us to skip the line and not pay the 500 pesos for entrance because she has connections 😉


Visit Papaya Playa Project beach hotel & club every Saturday to experience the most popular events throughout Tulum, Mexico! 


Save your Saturday nights only for the Papaya Playa Project because you don’t want to miss the breathtaking full-moon parties on the beach! Arrive before 10pm in the high season and wear comfortable outfits because it will get packed all night long. Make sure to grab their delicious cuisine before you go partying because it never stops!

Fortunately, Virginia comes to the rescue as she helps us get a good deal for reservation and lets us skip the long line.


End your week with an oriental taste of Asian cuisine at Funky Geisha, and celebrate after-party events only in Zamanik Bar. But remember, the nightlife in Tulum never ends!


Explore a new concept of Asian street food only at Funky Geisha! Located across the beach lies a natural bohemian space surrounded by palm trees, sandy floor, and beautiful interiors that enhance your dining experience. Not only that, the music from the Djs are spot on, controlling the guests to be more lively!

Their food is to die for. Try out their oriental dishes made from top quality vegetables and protein, and enjoy Tulum’s best Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. All in one place!


After a delightful dinner and wanting a more lively atmosphere, stop by Zamanik Bar on Sunday! This speakeasy bar boasts succulent drinks, hip tunes, and atmospheric interiors that will enrich your partying experience! Especially on Sundays you don’t want to miss the “Dominik” night; It’s super popular and Zamanik gets busier, so it’s the perfect time to mingle with more like-minded people!


Knowing that the best places we mentioned are trendy and get busy quickly at night, instead of racing to get the perfect spot in the club, consider booking a table with Virginia!

She takes away the chaotic process of booking and gives you guarantees of the best spots for free! Especially if you are in a group, she kindly guides you through talking with the internal person of the desired location. She will help you recommend the best spot to celebrate your special night.

We hope our list of clubs inspires you to finally explore Tulum nightlife more confidently! Comment down below your favorite clubs in Tulum, and let other people know about them.

We hope that you learned something and enjoyed reading our article. Let us know down below about your experience of the night in Tulum. We are all ears!

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