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Heading to Tulum and want to spend the best nights making memories with your friends or partner? We’ve got here for you the best upcoming events in Tulum town and beach to rock your Tulum evenings. From the best clubs and DJs to the most elegant supper clubs, from the most exciting jungle parties to the most sick after parties, find in our list all the info and location of the best events in Tulum.

We’ve achieved so much experience in these last 2 years living in Tulum that we know pretty much everything on how to rock a night here! This was also thanks to the many people we met during Tulum’s crazy events and celebrations – we have to say that here they know how to party!

Ready to discover the best upcoming events? Read our article and be ready to dance the night away in the most chic clubs of Tulum – Papaya Playa Project, Mia Beach Club, Vagalume, Gitano and many more are waiting for you! Let’s dance the night away and see the sun rising! 

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The best events and festival to end the year: December 2022

November has passed, and now the last month of the year has arrived: be ready to join sick events this December 2022! Here below you will find the best events – mainly located in the Tulum beach zone – where you’ll be able to forget about the cold back home and dance the best electronic music. If you’ve never partied in Tulum before, be ready to live a completely new experience. Check out the best Tulum December events right here and directly book the tickets online!



December 24, 2022 6:00 PM


This event is perfect if you just arrived in Tulum and you want the creme de la creme. Join Signature – The Sound of PPP, every Saturday Night in Tulum with incredible music, an original menu by the chef Jacob Mendoza, and art all in one place. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the original Tulum Moon legacy where it was created!

During this event, you will be able to unlock the power of rebirth, creation, introspection, and self-awareness: feel the Moon energy, which always changes as we, human beings. Ready to discover this new side of you? 

P.S.: Since Papaya Playa Project is one of the most famous clubs in Tulum, and the law is “first come, first served”, you should buy here the tickets to reserve the event if you want to live the best experience – especially at a fair price!

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“One Rule: Listen To The Dj And Dance!”

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“Sick Party's Venue”



December 29, 2022 8:00 PM


Join this musical and immersive journey with artists like LINE UP, RENE, MIUL, XINOBI and dance every bad vibes away through a multisensory experience created by Vagalume, one of the best clubs in Tulum beach to enjoy nightlife. If you want to enjoy a Bohemian Luxury vibe and an incredible dinner, warming you up before New Year’s Eve, this party is just perfect: reserve your tickets for the night here if you want to take advantage of the early bird price!



December 29, 2022 11:00 PM


Are you a formal dude? Here’s a formal, chic and elegant party for you! If you want to party, dance on great music and enjoy the delicious bar of Bonbonniere, this party is your quintessence! But let’s talk about Damian Lazarus – a sick DJ that rocks contemporary house and techno scene, and that took part in events and festivals like Crosstown Rebels, Day Zero, Get Lost, Wild Is Love. 

If you want to have an extra night just before Nye Year’s Eve, this event is just perfect: book your tickets here before it’s too late to take advantage of the early bird price!



December 30, 2022 2:00 PM


You are in Mexico, ready to put your feet in the sand and live a multi sensory sound experience! Enjoy tribal electronic beats and acoustic rhythms in Mia, located in the beach zone of Tulum. One of our favorite clubs in town, in this event they also offer special elements of mapping, performance and body painting to experience the best Tulum-style parties!

Meet and party with other fans of electronic music in a unique atmosphere. During this time of the year, parties can get sold out very quickly – book your ticket here if you want to assure yourself a place to party from 3PM to 12AM with emerging talents and renowned international DJs.

The best New Year's Eve events and festival in Tulum

New Year’s Eve is again here and Tulum clubs are ready to make you dance and start 2023 with a new energy and alignment. Find here the best events and parties to enjoy the last night of the year properly! 

If you want to organize the best New Year’s Eve in Tulum, and discover some secret parties, don’t forget to check our ultimate guide about it.



December 31, 2022 6:30 PM


To attend this event you should be a member and have a password to book it. But hey, it’s your lucky day – AgeofReconnection is the password you’ll need to book your tickets without all the process. But let’s talk about the party! 

Starting with a welcome cocktail artfully prepared by the bartenders, you will then have an extraordinary dinner experience helmed by a guest chef, accompanied by great electronic and non live music and performances. Be part of the special New Year’s Eve ceremony, and start kicking 2023 dancing with the music journey from Goldcap, Sainte Vie (live), Niki Sadeki & Much more tba.

Remember to hurry up: fist come, first served!

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“Fancy Locations With Great Music”

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“Mexican Mixology”



December 31, 2022 8:00 PM


Another great party, another great location. Spend NYE at Mia and dance the night away on the beach with live performances and the incredible music of DJ Pablo Fierro, DJ Shane Doron and their resident DJs. 

In the tickets that you can book here, you will have 2 drinks included and all the night in front of you to party with the best vibe and music in Tulum. Ready to live The experience enjoying party favors, surprises, and to top it all off, meet the best people in Tulum for a new beginning together? 



December 31, 2022 8:00 PM


Join this white and gold crazy party, with music by GHEIST, HUMAN ARIAS, VITE + MIGANOVA, and NEGRINM to upgrade your nightlife experience. We can’t recommend Vagalume enough: it’s one of our favorite place to party and spending the last day of the year in this fab location will probably make 2023 even better! 

Check out the tickets here and book them online before this party gets sold out.

Start the 2023 in Tulum: the best events in January 2023

NYE was great and you still feel like partying! Join the best events of January 2023, with incredible music, crazy locations – from Tulum beach zone hotel to amazing rooftop – and start the year renewed as after a yoga session

Discover the best Tulum parties, events and festivals of 2023 right now!



January 3, 2023 2:00 PM


Start the new year with this Berlin-based label with artists like Township Rebellion, Reinier Zonneveld, KlangKuenstler, HVOB and many others. At this party be ready to meet Stil vor Talent – known for its DIY-attitude, graphic design, booking roster and musical diversity. How would we describe his style of music? Definitely a mix of mystic organic house to heady electronic and crazy techno!

What to listen to before the party? For sure his hit ‘Hypnotized’! Check out the tickets for the event here and assure yourself the best place and price!

PAPAYA PLAYA PROJECT - Storytellers - January 3rd - Tulum 2023


January 3, 2023 7:00 PM


To be part of this event you should be a member and have a password to book it. But hey, it’s your lucky day – AgeofReconnection is the password you’ll need to book your tickets without all the process. But let’s talk about the party! 

Storytellers is one of those crazy events where you enter a completely new world, where you can dance as nobody was watching you, where you’ll experience immersive experiences, performances, costumes, face paint, games and many more jungle surprises.

Be part of this tale!

PAPAYA PLAYA PROJECT Double dates - Storytellers x Woomoon Tulum 2023


January 3, 2023 7:00 PM


You fall in love with the incredible venue of Papaya Playa Project and you want to enjoy both Storytellers and WooMoon? Book your double ticket at a special price and attend two crazy nights to dance, have fun and – literally – live The experience. 

You already have an idea about the fairy world of Storytellers, but now let’s focus on WOOMOON, which is a journey of love, simply an experience that goes deeper. A story that intends to stay with you forever. Wants to know more? Check out this. 

Are you ready for these two transformative experiences?

Book your two entrances right now to assure yourself the best table before it gets sold out! 



January 3, 2023 11:00 PM


Party from 11PM till the sun rises at Bonbonniere this 3rd of January! Joseph Capriati, a worldwide famous DJ from Italy will make you dance on techno and house music, making you live a 360 degrees experience. If you are ready to be carried by the atmosphere of Bonbonniere club and these deep sounds, reserve your ticket here to start 2023 in style

MIA BEACH CLUB Mystical Sunset with Âme


January 4, 2023 12:00 AM


Feeling mystical this January in Tulum? Maybe this event is what you’re needing: unique melodies with 5 impressive DJs that will be in charge of musicalizing your night, like ÂME (Innervisions), Last Men on earth, Valderrama & Kevin Ganora, Nuup, and Lagunes Jr.

Live a mystical experience full of surprises – for more info and to book your entrance, check out this page right here

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“Events In Tulum Are Like Nowhere Else”



January 5, 2023 2:00 PM


If you don’t know, Nic Fanciulli is one of the greatest electronic music artists and DJ around – and yeah it will be the icing on the cake of another incredible night in Mia Club. So if you want to enjoy the great bar of the venue with incredible live electronic music, you know where you have to be on the 5th January! Book your tickets early for less here.  

PAPAYA PLAYA PROJECT - WooMoon - Full MooN - January 5th - Tulum


January 5, 2023 7:00 PM


As we said before, WooMoon is one of the most famous parties in all of Tulum and Quintana Roo. Can you imagine being in such a beautiful location like the Papaya Playa Project, dancing freely following the rhythm, and above all – the moon rising brings light in the black of the night. All this mix makes WooMoon at PPP just incredible and an experience you should live at least once during your lifetime (or for sure during your vacation in Tulum).

Book your entrance to WooMoon right here, or buy the double ticket WooMoon + Storytellers here



January 6, 2023 2:00 PM


Tribal electronic beats and acoustic rhythms come together to create a unique environment in Mia Beach Club, Tulum! Enjoy the Soundgarden symbolizing the genre-bending spirit of their mix compilation series curated by Nick Warren & Petra Ni. Ready to feel free and dance on the sand on the rhythms of Nick Warren, Elif and Rodriguez Jr.? Book your entrance here and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at Mia Tulum – as well as with special elements of mapping, performance and body painting!



January 7, 2023 7:00 PM


Papaya Playa Project is here with a new event to start 2023 on the right foot! Bedouin, a Miami-based production & DJ partnership between nomads Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe is finally arriving in Tulum. The duo with influences from their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels – is creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms, that will make you live a sweeping night. 

If you are excited as us, be sure to save the date and book your entrance here.



January 8, 2023 2:00 PM


This Multinotes night at Mia, Tulum is ready to bring a bit of great music from Italy to Mexico! Musumeci, Dodi Palese, Cipy and Phunkadelica are ready to make you dance with your feet on the sand, a delicious cocktail or mezcal from the bar and a starry night above your head!

Make sure not to miss this incredible experience if you want to shake your body to the rhythm of techno and electronic music – and book your entrance here



January 10, 2023 11:00 PM


Adam Port is gonna transform Bonbonniere Tulum on January the 10th! Save the date and book your entrance to this incredible experience where a mix of elegance and dance-electronic music will set you free from every thought. 

If you’ve never heard of Adam Port, well – you should check him out here and rock his night show during your vacation in Tulum!



January 11, 2023 8:00 PM


Discover the universe of Life and Death – founded in 2010 as an Italian record label and event brand by Manfredi Romano, this crazy event curates soulful dance music with a post-rock aesthetic. Papaya Playa Project is happy to host and share with you Life and Death event – which stands for unique locations, first-class line ups and a culturally demanding audience. Merge into the cultural value of the Life and Death mentality in a night that could change your life.

To access this event, you will need to be a member and have a password to book it. But hey, it’s your lucky day – AgeofReconnection is the password you’ll need to book your tickets without all the process.

You can thank us later 😉 but remember: first come, first served!



January 11, 2023 11:00 PM


Dance on electronic music played by Micheal Bibi, one of our favorite DJs from the UK at Bonbonniere Tulum this 11th of January! If you have never listened to Micheal’s music, you should check it out to understand why he’ll make you live an unforgettable night in Tulum, Quintana Roo. 

Be sure to book your entrance here and start the countdown!



January 13, 2023 11:00 PM


If you’ve already been to Ibiza, most probably you know The Martinez Brothers – a duo of disc jockeys, music producers, and remixers from The Bronx, New York. Their mix of dance, electronic and pop music will make you upgrade your nightlife in Mexico!

Now – you know where to be on January the 13th: book your entrance here and be ready to live The experience!



January 14, 2023 2:00 PM


This year be ready to experience something incredible at Mia Beach Club. Jan Blomqvist, Echonomist, Jenia Tarsol and Chambord are gonna make you live an unforgettable night with their creativity and rhythm. If you like electronic music and you want to attend one of the biggest events in Mexico, save the date and book the tickets right away – before others do it at your place! 



January 20, 2023 2:00 PM


Let’s talk about one of the coolest events in the program – be ready to dance from 2PM to 12AM in this healing session of music by the great DJs from Maccabi House: Adam Ten, Mita Gami and Yamagucci. Be ready to live a dream in this location in front of the Caribbean sea, with palm trees and cool people around you and stars above your head.

Check out more info about the event here and book your tickets early for better prices!

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“Tulum Art: Ven A La Luz”

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“Party In The Jungle”

Zamna Tulum: the festival you can't miss in 2022/2023

Zamna Tulum is one of the coolest meeting points in the Mexican Caribbean for everybody out there searching for an immersive electronic experience. Much more than a so-called rave, Zamna festival in the magic town of Tulum is one of the most prestigious festivals in the world. You’ll be merged in a dreamy jungle context, surrounded by palm trees, vegetation and a cenote in the Quintana Roo’s jungle. 

If you want to give some freedom to your soul, this festival is a must-go at least once in your life. 

Let’s discover how this story, which began in 2017, led today to be one of the most famous worldwide events of electronic music and the biggest in Latin America!

After Life party: in the heart of Tulum's jungle

Afterlife is one of the biggest shows of the Zamna festival – and the only confirmed for the moment for the festival 2022/2023 – in the heart of Tulum’s jungle, with three simultaneous stages it’ll leave you without words with the mix of electronic music and incredible visual show. Who knows which theme it’ll have this year after the ruined-inspired of the last season. Let’s find out where to buy the ticket, and more info about the different types of entrance you can have.

After Life party: is the vip ticket worth it?

Honestly, we’ve been purchasing the VIP ticket and it’s not really worth it. There are cases in which it’s much better – as you will see below – but  for Afterlife what you get with the standard is as great as with the VIP. So, save some money in this case and spend them in one of the most amazing beach clubs the day after! 

If you want to purchase your entrance, here’s the link.

Papaya Playa Project: the place to be in Tulum Beach

Let’s talk about one of our favorite places in Tulum: Papaya Playa Project. This venue on the sand in front of the Caribbean sea in Quintana Roo was built thinking about every detail, with a structure that merges completely into the lush vegetation with a strong Tulum-vibe. Both hotel – one of the most beautiful in our opinion – and restaurant, bar, rooftop, and home to the coolest and most unique events in town. 

Discover which is our favorite event of Papaya Playa Project here below and – if you want more info about NYE in Papaya Playa Project, don’t forget to check out our dedicated article on the last night of the year in this magic venue.

WooMoon: party under the full moon and the best music

The Full Moon party in Papaya Playa Project – WooMoon – is one of the coolest events. With the moon rising over the Caribbean sea, the hot sand under your feet and the lights reflecting on the palm trees, you will live a dream. The incredible artists that live up the night are capable of creating beats that you could have never imagined. The key? Let yourself go following the rhythm of the music.

Be part of the Papaya Playa Project Full Moon party and rise and shine in the black of the night as the moon does.

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“Parties Are So Immersive In Tulum”

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“Making Memories With The Girls”

Jungle party events: what you need to know about it

Jungle parties are crazy and Mexico is great for this. We think that the jungle has its own energy and partying surrounded by it, will be like a journey. The location will be secret until the last moment, you better wear comfortable stuff in order to be free to move, jump, wave, in a nutshell: become one with the nature around you. 

Check here below a magic festival in the jungle and make the history of one of the craziest events in Mexico.

Day Zero Festival: a crazy event in the remote jungle outside Tulum

Day Zero is a convergence of mysticism, music and natural wonder. If you are a curious thrill seeker or an adventurer you can’t miss partying in the Mayan jungle surrounding Tulum to celebrate the magic of one of the world’s most unique events, soundtracked by some of its most exciting artists. 

Become part of Day Zero here before it’s too late – we are sure you don’t want to miss it! 

Day Zero Festival: is the vip ticket worth it?

In this case the VIP entrance is totally worth it! If you want to be part of the wildest – legal – rave in Mexico, be one with the jungle, then having the VIP entrance is really worth the money. Discover more info on Day Zero right here.

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“Tulum Beach Hotels: Mix Of Design And Elegance”

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“We Love Finger Food After Parties”

Feel the thrill already? Don’t miss the chance to live one of the most unforgettable nights in your life in Tulum, Mexico, and plan your parties before it’s too late!

If you liked it, PIN IT!

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