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Tulum, Mexico, is jam packed with adventures during the day, where you can go out on the best cenote tours, kitesurfing by the beach or take a luxurious trip to Playa Del Carmen. But, do you ever wonder what Tulum nightlife has to offer? Let’s check it out!

Well, when the night comes, the party is just getting started. Over on the streets, you will find people dressed up for occasions, street performers and the scent of hot local foods fills the air. Once you’re living the Tulum nightlife, you know that you will have a blast!

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The thing that keeps the spirits of nightlife Tulum alive is how people love to go to a place that serves the best foods, drinks and entertainment. You will find that most of these services are provided in bars, nightclubs and restaurants. More luxurious environments are located across the hotel and beach zone than Tulum Centro. So, let’s break it down, talk about each of them and see if you find something you like.


If you fancy a cozy or upbeat ambiance at night while you enjoy the night with your pals, then you should look at the Best Bars in Tulum. But, this list will only give you a glimpse of what to expect during your visit to a bar.

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“Ready To Taste Some Signature Drinks?”

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“We Love Shows In Tulum Clubs”


Opens from: 7am – 10pm (Sunday closed) | Vibes: Fun and relaxing

Located in Tulum Centro, Batey Mojito Guarapo Bar is a local dive bar with many tourists and locals coming to spend the night. It is popular because Batey Mojito serves delicious Mexican foods and specialty drinks that are affordable! Top it off with a backyard live music performance (at 7pm and 9pm), you will find yourself enjoying the lively ambiance and a lively night. Yet, you can stay away from the noise if you take a seat by the sidewalk. So come over when you yearn for a refreshing mojito and guarapo drinks!

Highlights: Local speciality drinks, comfortable place and affordable


Opens from: 6pm – 12am (Tuesday closed) | Vibes: Comfortable and relaxing

Located at Tulum Centro and at the rooftop of Maka Hotel Boutique, Nana Rooftop Bar is an authentic fusion of a Japanese-Mexican restaurant. Their bar offers sterling cocktails, mezcal drinks and other healthy options too. At that price range, you can expect a more comfortable and chill ambiance, even when the DJ plays live music in the background. So, definitely check out their delicious dishes and Instagram.

Highlights: Authentic fusion cuisine to dine, a comfortable place to hangout and live music in most days

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Similar to the bars in Tulum, most night clubs have a bright and lively ambiance that can rock your body! If you fancy expressing your charisma and dancing skills, you should visit the clubs here and also check out the best Tulum beach clubs.


Opens from: 6pm – 11pm | Vibes: Elegant and upbeat party

Casa Jaguar is a popular Mexican Cuisine restaurant and bar that hosts exciting night events. Many people go here to experience elegant dining and the open-door jungle party under the starry night! With Casa Jaguar, you can enjoy the ambiance of the DJ blasting upbeat music, lively people cheering and dancing, and the scent of mouthwatering dishes in the air. Mark your calendars and stay in touch with their upcoming events on their Instagram stories!

Highlights: Elegant jungle party, flexible and great ambiance (sometimes relaxing, lively or romantic) and excellent service


Opens from: 7am-10pm | Minimum spend more than 50USD | Vibes: An upbeat beach club party

Papaya Playa Project is a hotel, restaurant and beach club, located in the middle beach zone of Tulum. It is one of the best beach clubs that host popular events, such as the Full Moon and Moongaze. These events are accompanied by world-class artists to enhance your musical journey and spice up the ambiance of the beach party! Note that there is a minimum spend of 1600 pesos as an entrance fee (800 pesos included for food and drinks), and the event starts from 8pm to 3am. Be sure to visit their website for more information.

Highlights: Amazing waterfront beach club that hosts popular events known in Tulum


If you prefer being sober and not in the mood for clubs and bars, you can still experience Tulum nightlife at its finest. You can either go on tours tasting street foods at Parque Dos Aguas, or dine at luxurious restaurants. There are a lot to uncover, but here we list just a few restaurants that we found unique compared to other places in Tulum. Check it out!


Opens from: 5pm – 11pm | Minimum spend of 50 pesos on Salsa Night | Vibes: Lively and fun

Palma Central is the best place to get a variety of delicious and affordable dishes to pick from the food stands around. The area is an outdoor dining setting where you will find these stands on every corner of Palma Central. Here’s the fun part…

Come every Tuesday and enjoy Salsa Night (50 pesos for entry), where there will be a stunning music performance and a dance floor for you guys to salsa! Also on most Sundays, this gem of a place greets you with a Market Day event that opens up small booths that sell jewelry, healing products and more!

Highlights: Live music, variety of affordable foods and lively ambiance

tulum night cocktails drinks party

“Get Lost In Crazy Locations In Tulum”


Opens from: 5:30pm – 10pm | Minimum spend of 50USD for reservation deposit | Vibes: Luxurious and comfortable rooftop

You can’t find a place like Kin Toh in Playa Del Carmen or Cancun. Kin Toh is a luxurious and elegant rooftop restaurant that takes your dining experience to a new level! They have this special place called The Nest, where you will dine at a private table on the top of Kin Toh restaurant. The best part is to catch the sunset fading into the gorgeous green Tulum Jungle. If you like to experience Kin Toh, you should book a reservation first on their website. Important: Be sure to view/ask about their reservation policies.

Highlights: Luxurious environment with an incredible rooftop view of Tulum’s nature


Before you leave your hotel! There are several interesting tips to spice up your evening!

  • Wear comfortable but fashionable clothes in summer. It usually gets hot in this part of Mexico, even during the night. But, also keep in mind your fashion.
  • Bring pesos just in case. Better be prepared as some local bars just don’t accept cards.
  • Check the bill and change when paying. Be sure to check the correct amount written on the bill and your change.
  • Better to use motorcycles or taxis. To avoid parking hassles, especially on the weekend around the hotel zone.

There is more to the nightlife in Tulum and the key to finding it out is to explore! Explore as you would venture into the beautiful nature of Tulum during the day. Whatever it takes, blend in with the locals, talk with them with your broken Spanish and you will find that hidden gem whose secrets are only known by the locals.

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“Romantic Dinner With A Bit Of Fun!”

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“Tasting Mexican Menu”

We hope that you learned something and enjoyed reading our article. Let us know down below about your experience of the night in Tulum. We are all ears!

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