FAQ about Tulum Transports

Yes! Tulum is definitely a walkable city. Tulum Town is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll: compact and charming. However, walking to the beach can be a bit of a hike, spanning an hour. So before lacing up your shoes,

You can get to Tulum’s cenotes by driving a car, and that may be your best option! You can also take a taxi or a colectivo. Some tours to the cenotes also offer shuttle services from Tulum.

No, it is not hard to get a taxi in Tulum. Usually, it is pretty easy to hail a taxi in Tulum, especially in the town center and the hotel zone. Just keep in mind that it's a good idea

Yes, it is safe to drive a scooter in Tulum! However, you just have to be careful with some bumpy roads! Tulum isn't too traffic-heavy, and it’s easy to get around. Don't forget your helmet!

No, Uber isn’t available in Tulum so you couldn’t take an Uber to hang around. However, you can still take a taxi and they will take you to your destination. 

Yes, you can get around Tulum without a car. You can also get around Tulum by renting a bike, taking a taxi or a colectivo (shared minibuses), or you could even opt for taking a walk. 

The best way to get around Tulum is by renting a car, especially for longer trips. This way you can manage your own times and reach your favorite destinations! However, a lot of people love biking around Tulum. It's eco-friendly,