What to expect when traveling to Greece?

Nomads, today we will talk about Greece. We know you are already dreaming of your trip to Greece, Greek salads and gyros, but after living there for three months we got another vision of Greece. In fact, if at the beginning we believed to spend our summer in the Greek paradise, we quickly realized that it was not the case.

During our first weeks in Athens, we figured out that the city was divided in two realities: one was full tourists visiting the Parthenon, and the other was filled with the remains of society: drug addicts, migrants, refugees and Greeks victims of the crisis.

This huge society gap shocked us, and we are not exaggerating. Just close to our Airbnb, in Antoniadou Street, people were taking drugs 24 hours a day, every day. In addition to not being safe at all, nobody was caring about them, nobody was intervening. This made us really reconsidering the idea we had about Greece. If at the beginning, we were connecting Greece to a paradise on Earth, we started to see that it wasn’t like that. If you want to know what happened in Athens in the last years, this cultural guide is so accurate!

Keep on reading and discover how is local life in Greece: from the cost of an Airbnb or a gyros, to the travel tips, plan the perfect travel to Greece!

Things to See and Do in Greece

Eat Dakos salads (every day, at every time!)
Visit the Parthenon at sunset
Do free camping in Donoussa
Spend some relaxing weekends on the Athenian Riviera
Drink Freddo Cappuccino
Eat in Plateia Agiou Georgiou
Drink an Alpha, the local beer, with your Greek friends
Read a book at the sunset at the Lycabettus Hill
Herod Atticus Odeon in Athens

“Herod Atticus Odeon”

Greece Destination Digital Nomad Couple

“The Incredible Nature In Donoussa Island”


Accommodation – In Athens Airbnb and hotels are more than popular. Imagine that Athenians are making a real revolution about it: in fact, there are so many apartments rented to tourists at the double of the normal price, that Athenians can’t afford anymore to live in the center. Our apartment was in the African ghetto, 45 minutes by foot from the central area, and it was 800€ per month. OK, it was amazing, but definitely too expensive. If you shift on the coast, the price will be around 500€ per month. If you choose to live on the island, without counting Santorini and Mykonos, the prices will increase a lot: expect at least 50€ per night for two people. If you are traveling on a budget, you will be able to find better hotel deals in Crete or smaller islands. If you want to save 25$ on your booking, check out the amazing apartments in Travala! In any case, the prices change during the year. You will have cheaper prices in summer and lower during winter: if you can, why not organize your trip in Athens the cheapest time of the year?

Food – In Greece food is very cheap, like really cheap. We think food is one the things you can’t go wrong during your travel: we always ate great food in Greek restaurants, so you shouldn’t worry. While in Athens, we were enjoying Plateia Agiou Georgiou’s restaurants a lot! You must visit this square: not touristic at all and full of locals. We really advice you to leave your hotel in the central area and visit a real part of Athens. Οι Νοστιμιές της Μαίρης was definitely the local place for excellence: a real Greek canteen where a huge meal for two costs 15€. The ladies who run this taverna will make you feel like at home. You need to try it during your trip! Another very nice restaurant in the same square was Κυβέλη, with a more modern atmosphere. We definitely recommend you to try the dish of the day, simply amazing! When on the coast, picnics on the beach are the best option: with few euros you will get incredible Greek street food. On the islands, in the most famous Mykonos and Santorini as well as in smaller islands, food will be more expensive, so prepare yourself to pay at least 30€ for a meal for two.

Transportation – In Athens is very easy to move. We never took the metro or the bus, but we used a lot Taxi Beat, the local Uber. The app is really good, rides are cheap and drivers are always kind and speak English. That’s definitely the best way to move in Athens and visit the coast as well. You will be able to pay in cash or with a credit card. We never paid a ride more than 8/10€. If you want to reach the city center from the airport, we advise you to use the metro with the special 10€ ticket. Otherwise, if you want to save some money takes a taxi to the next metro stop and take the metro: you will pay your ticket 1€ instead of 10, and you will only have to add few euros for the cab ride. If you are traveling with a group of friends, that’s really a good plan. On the Athenian Riviera, we suggest you use the tram: it’s cheap, clean, it makes a lot of stops and rides are frequent. On the islands, we advise you to rent a car that will cost you something around 40€ per day, but in this way you will really be free to visit every corner of the island. We got this price renting the car in the small island of Kythnos, so most probably in Santorini or Mykonos it will be more expensive. To reach the islands the only possibility you have from Athens is the ferry: if you want to know how to book ferries in Greece avoiding scams, give a look at our article!

Greece Destination Europe

Suggested daily budget – 25-30€ / 28-33$ (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in Airbnb, eating out a little, cooking most of your meals, and using local transportation. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips for your travel in Greece

Walk, walk, walk Consider saying no to taxi, metro and bus. Go out from your hotel and enjoy a nice walk in the Greek streets. Choose to walk and discover beautiful places you didn’t know about. Use your days in Greece to explore at maximum the places you will visit. In this way, you will save money, help the planet, get in shape and know every city at its best.
Live like a local We were buying vegetables and fruits in the local markets and, besides being tastier, they were a lot cheaper. In this way you will have seasonal fruits and vegetables at the right time of the year and you will encourage local farmers. We suggest you not to eat in your hotel: buy food and go to restaurants frequented by locals. You will be sure to save money and to have amazing meals.
Let's share We really advise you to rent a private room in an apartment and share the house with some locals. You will be closer to the ancient ruins and the center of the city! If you are not in Athens, then your accommodation will be much more affordable. If in the islands (especially during high season), the best way to save money is free camping, or to visit them in winter!
Never buy your ferry tickets online You are an inch from buying your tickets, when the server tells you, “Sorry, the tickets are sold out. In any case, the transaction was executed. We will give you back the entire amount as soon as possible.” Well, we got back our money one month later. If you are saving money for your Greek vacation, the best option is to buy ferry tickets directly at the port. The best and cheapest ticket office? Check out Ferryhopper!

Mexico and Greece: Can you see the connection?

We have never thought these two countries could be so similar! But yeah – there are a lot of similarities.

Not only talking about the breathtaking beaches, the unspoiled nature and the dreamy hotels. We found out the way of living in Mexico and Greece are pretty similar and the city we actually found more similar to the ones in the Greek islands, is Tulum. Where partying meets relaxation, and where you feel reborn from all the beautiful landscapes around you.

So if you’ve already been to Greece and the beautiful Greek islands, why not think about a trip to Mexico to widen your horizons? If you want to discover our adventures there and get inspired for your next trip, check out our travel diaries in Tulum here! 

Why visit Greece?

If you’re a digital nomad and Greece is your next destination, we advise you to think about it twice. If you go for Athens, we suggest you to stay there maximum two weeks. It’s not a real paradise for digital nomads, during summer it’s really hot, some part of the city are really dirty and shabby, it is quite expensive and there is nothing interesting to see if you exclude the Parthenon and the ancient ruins. If you’re a tourist, spend there 4 days: it will be enough to visit the center, the museums and the Acropolis.

If you decide to go to the islands, you have to calculate that everything is more expensive. If you’re a digital nomad, pay attention: internet is not working that well, but the quality of life is just amazing. The weather is much better than in Athens, people are cooler, food is so tasty and you will be able to live merged with nature. If you’re a tourist, you should definitely visit Greek islands: they’re a must! Don’t forget to get a good backpack if you decide to visit some islands, you’ll not regret it. We have this one since 2 years and we really love it!

If you’re a digital nomad and you choose to stay on the Athens coast, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being on the land, you’ll live closer to the sea than in Athens and you’ll have much cheaper prices. If you’re a tourist, share your vacation in two part: half in Athens and half on the coast or islands, you’ll see more than one aspect of Greece and you’ll not regret it!

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What to expect when traveling to Greece?
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    Such a great blog article guys, inspiring and informative at the same time!


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