When on vacation in Tulum, one of the must jungle parties for a night out is the Set Underground. However, figuring out the right dress code for this fashionable hotspot can be a bit challenging – check out here the best boutiques to level up your Tulum outfits. With that in mind, we have put together some helpful tips to ensure that you are dressed to impress and can enjoy a fun and glamorous night at Set Underground Tulum.

Dress to Impress: Get Inspired By The Jungle

Set Underground Tulum is known for its unique ambiance, and dressing up appropriately is essential to be in tandem with the vibe of the place. For women, creative dresses, jumpsuits or pantsuits paired with comfortable shoes or sandals are always a good option – our favorites are by Tulum Essentials. You can also choose to wear a sequined top or dress to add some sparkle to your look and reflect the lights. Men are expected to arrive in linen pants, comfy shoes, and shirts or loose t-shirts.

Accessorize with Fantasy

The dress code for SET Underground in Tulum emphasizes a blend of style and comfort to match the unique ambiance of the event. For women, the suggested attire includes creative dresses, jumpsuits, or pantsuits, complemented by comfortable shoes or sandals. Sequined tops or dresses are also a good choice to add some sparkle to the outfit. Men are advised to wear linen pants, comfortable shoes, and either shirts or loose t-shirts.

Accessories play a crucial role in completing the look. Women might consider a statement piece of jewelry or a clutch, while men can opt for a matching watch and belt, a bandana, or a hat, ensuring the accessories are balanced and not overly done. The color palette should lean towards darker shades like black, burgundy, or deep blues, avoiding too many bright colors, patterns, or prominent brand names. Footwear is key, with an emphasis on comfort due to the dancing involved; women are suggested to wear comfortable sandals or wedges, and men should opt for comfortable shoes in black or dark brown

tulum set underground outfit
tulum set underground dress code

Choose the Right Colors

The ambiance of the place is natural, filled with light games, and to blend in, wearing bright colors may not be the best option. In a setting like this, mixing darker shades can set the right tone, especially black, burgundy, or deep blues. These colors are timeless, and they also make you look more youthful and stylish while adhering to the set dress code. Additionally, avoid wearing outfits with too many bright colors, patterns, or brand names to keep a refined yet fun look.

Shoes Matter!

Dressing from head to toe is essential for Set Underground Tulum, and your footwear matters a lot. You should make sure your shoes match and complement your overall outfit, while at the same time being comfortable as you will be dancing a lot. Women can choose comfortable sandals or wedges instead of stilettos or more informal shoes. Men should look for comfortable shoes that are black or dark brown.

jungle party tulum set underground

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There is no doubt about it; Set Underground Tulum is the heart of the Tulum jungle party scene! The dress code is essential to ensure that the ambiance of the party is maintained. Following these helpful tips, you are sure to have fun, and you will fit right in just dress to impress, accessorize with fantasy, choose the right colors, and wear the right shoes. Come on out and enjoy the music, the drinks, and the vibe at Set Underground Tulum, looking your absolute best!

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