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WAIT! You don’t want to have an empty stomach before you go out adventuring Tulum, do you? Have a cup of hot coffee, eat highly nutritious-energy food, and begin your day with a delicious meal at the best breakfast restaurants around Tulum!

For those picky foodies out there, their menu offers plenty of variety of cuisine. Say goodbye to the boring old breakfast routine, and say hello to many of the exciting breakfast brunch restaurants you are probably missing out on.

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What can you find for Breakfast in Tulum: From Local Mexican to International Food

Looking for a restaurant with plenty of breakfast options? Maybe something light and quick, or fulfilling and affordable? Don’t worry, you are in Tulum, Mexico, you can always spot restaurants at every corner. Plenty of these Tulum restaurants offer a special breakfast menu that is perfect for your morning cravings.

Many of them serve local Mexican food, where you can get the best vegan breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros or Mexican scrambled eggs. You can also visit many Italian restaurants to enjoy home-baked croissants while sipping a hot coffee in Centro Tulum. They are all delicious, refreshing, and affordable. You will never run out of options to get breakfast here in Tulum!

If these mouth-watering food makes your stomach growl, then check out our list of the best breakfast restaurants in Tulum!

Our favorite choices for the perfect breakfast in Tulum

  • Açai bowl: This is a refreshing breakfast bowl made with blended açai berries and topped with fresh fruit, granola, and honey.
  • Chilaquiles: This traditional Mexican dish consists of fried tortilla chips smothered in salsa, beans, cheese, and often topped with an egg.
  • Huevos rancheros: Another popular Mexican breakfast dish, huevos rancheros includes fried eggs served on top of a tortilla, smothered in salsa and sometimes accompanied by beans, avocado, and cheese.
  • Freshly squeezed juices: With plenty of tropical fruits available in Tulum, there are a variety of delicious fresh juices to choose from, such as pineapple, mango, and papaya.
  • Smoothie bowls: Similar to açai bowls, smoothie bowls are made with blended fruit, yogurt or milk, and topped with granola, nuts, and fruit.
  • Breakfast burritos: These hearty breakfast wraps are filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, beans, and sometimes meat, such as chorizo or bacon.
  • Tamales: A staple of Mexican cuisine, tamales are steamed pockets of masa (corn dough) filled with savory ingredients like meat or beans, and often served with salsa or guacamole.

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Best Breakfast Restaurants Around Tulum Centro

If you live in Centro Tulum or just passing by, we highly recommend you to visit these restaurants along the main road. The atmosphere is also worth mentioning, as some have a beautiful themed garden and some have a cozy vibe.

BOTANICA Garden Cafe

Open hours: 8am – 6pm | $ – $$ (40 – 200 mxn) | menu

What to eat?

This Garden Cafe is one of the best restaurants you can find in Centro Tulum, and it is the perfect spot to get breakfast. They serve local Mexican and European cuisine that is also vegetarian friendly. You can savor the morning with something fresh with their finest juices or smoothies. You can also enjoy something more fulfilling like their Mexican omelet, or something sweet like their fluffy banana pancakes. Definitely take a seat at their beautiful tropical garden and vibe with the live music!

Where is located?
breakfast working digital nomad tulum

“Working And Having A Delicious Breakfast”

vegan toast tulum breakfast

“Vegan Sandwich”


Open Hours: 7am – 7pm | $$$ (around 120 – 240mxn) | menu

What to eat?

Similar to Botanica Garden Cafe, Potheads is a part of our list of the best restaurants in Tulum. This jungle-themed restaurant offers a mix of local Mexican and American cuisine that hits close to home. For the most healthy options, you can get quinoa bowls, salads, or smoothie bowls. For something more fulfilling, you can have delicious burritos, home-baked goods, or a classic egg breakfast. You should definitely visit their breakfast menu on the link above. Note: Some of the options on the menu, such as tacos and quesadillas, are served after 2pm.

Where is located?
breakfast tulum grain bowl

“Amazing Grain Bowl”

breakfast in the jungle tulum

“Breakfast In The Jungle”


Open hours: 8am – 4pm | $$ (around 100 – 140mxn) | menu

What to eat?

A small Italian bistro to go for delicious and healthy sandwiches. They offer a variety of options to enjoy freshly made animal meat, vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. Where they are served with toasted ciabatta or focaccia bread of your choice. For this high quality of food and service, the prices are reasonable. It is perfect if you want something that is quick and fulfilling. Oh, don’t forget to leave some room for Tiramisu, a must try dessert!

Where is located?


Open Hours: 6am – 3pm | $ (under 100mxn)

What to eat?

Best tacos in town! Many would agree that their tacos are delicious, authentic and super affordable. Taqueria Honorio is a local Mexican – Latin fast food restaurant that does not have many options. But, for you meat lovers out there, you need to try their savory meat tacos, sandwiches and quesadillas. You and your buddies can have a feast without worrying about the cost. That’s because all of the prices on their menu are under 100 pesos. However, the restaurant gets crowded fast. So it is best to visit earlier, before 10 pm or at lunchtime. Note: If you got caught in a long queue, don’t forget to get your name written down on the waitlist.

Where is located?


Open Hours: 8am – 10pm | $$ – $$$ | menu

What to eat?

Similar to Taqueria Honorio, they serve local Mexican and Latin cuisine that is vegetarian friendly. This restaurant is amazing, as the staff is super friendly and their Mexican dishes are delicious. We love everything on the menu, including the vegetarian burrito, shrimp tacos, guacamole and vegetarian enchiladas. If you are lucky, their live music can brighten up your mood that lasts for the whole day.

Where is located?
mexican breakfast eggs tortillas

“The Typical Mexican Breakfast”

fresh coconut juice water

“Fresh Coconuts”

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“Nissan Versa Was Perfect For Us”

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“Xpander Is The Best Car For Day Trips”

Best Breakfast Restaurants Around Tulum Beach

Do you love to visit the beach to start your day? Walking along the soft sandy beach, feeling the fresh Caribbean sea breeze and listening to the sounds of waves crashing by? Well, before or after spending your beach activity, don’t forget to visit these restaurants to fuel the body!


Open Hours: 7am – 10:30pm | $$$ | menu

What to eat?

Unlike other Tulum beach restaurants, Ziggy’s beach club is luxurious as they have a stunning environment and professional service. Start your day with their healthy breakfast menu that offers animal meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. We definitely love their fulfilling Machaca and eggs tacos paired with a cold and refreshing orange juice. They also held daily events to enjoy different kinds of live music. Find out more here.

Where is located?
breakfast in tulum town with friends

“Breakfast With Friends To Start The Day”

pancake tulum breakfast brunch

“Pancakes With Some Fresh Fruits”


Open Hours: 8am – 6pm | $$ – $$$ | instagram

What to eat?

Matcha Mama is a small juice bar that only serves vegan and healthy meal options. You can get all of your favorite smoothies, bowls, kombucha and ice cream there. This tropical-themed bar has a relaxing vibe where you can take plenty of instagramable pictures almost at every angle. We love coming here again day by day and trying everything. This is one of the best places to wash away the heat and cool off our bodies!

Where is located?
coffee art tulum

“Coffee Art To Start Your Day With A Smile”

brunch in tulum beach

“Amazing Sunday Brunch”


Open Hours: 9am to 10pm | $$ | menu

What to eat?

This is a cozy beachfront restaurant that is perfect for you to enjoy the morning atmosphere at the beach. They serve delicious local Mexican food such as omelets, vegetarian/vegan enchiladas and healthy fruit bowls. The best part about Maia Restaurant is that you can enjoy your breakfast at one of their floating beds, hanging a few inches from the sand. Also, there is no entrance fee regardless if you are not a guest of their hotel. How awesome is that?

Where is located?
juice croissant breakfast tulum

“Coffee, Fresh Juice And A Croissant”

breakfast by the beach tulum mexico

“Beautiful Place To Start The Day In Tulum”

We hope our list gives you a better idea of where to go for breakfast to start your day.  Let us know if we convinced you to visit any of the restaurants we mentioned and tell us your own experience down below!

Enjoy your breakfast and have a beautiful day!

FAQ about Breakfast in Tulum

Which breakfast place opens the earliest in Tulum?

Taqueria Ontario opens the earliest in Tulum. At 6am, they are ready to serve you a delectable breakfast to start your day right. So, if you are an early bird or need to have an early breakfast, Taqueria Ontario is the place to go. 

Where can I go for a breakfast place with beach views?

For a breakfast place with beach views, you can find Ziggy’s Beach Club. Delicious breakfast and stunning beach views!

How much should I tip when I eat breakfast in Tulum?

Generally for breakfast in Tulum, you should tip about 10-15% when eating out.  We always try to tip 20%, the locals work hard to make an incredible service. 

Where can I have an American breakfast in Tulum?

Potheads in Tulum restaurant offers American breakfast and it’s an excellent option to feel close home! 

Can I have brunch in Tulum?

Yes, you can have brunch in Tulum. There are many restaurants that offer incredible brunch options! Matcha Mama is one of our favorite spots for brunch! 

How much is a breakfast in Tulum?

Breakfast in Tulum can be priced differently based on where you eat, but the average cost is roughly 200 MXN pesos.

How can I pay for breakfast in Tulum?

For breakfast in Tulum, you can pay with both: cash and credit cards. However, we recommend you to carry some cash with you, as some smaller establishments might only accept cash. Paying with MXN pesos is always the best so you can get a good exchange deal! 

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