When we ask our friends about their favorite places in Mexico, Punta Laguna always gets a special mention. It’s a cozy little Nature Reserve tucked away in the jungle, just 40 km from Tulum and 60 km from Playa del Carmen. Here in Punta Laguna, you can spot some amazing spider monkeys, try out zip-lining, or enjoy a relaxing kayak ride. It’s this simple yet beautiful spot where nature and fun meet, and away from typical tourist places!

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Why to visit Punta Laguna – Spider Monkeys!

When we visited Punta Laguna, we wanted to have a natural experience: animal sightseeing, swimming in an incredible cenote (one of our favorites activities in the Yucatan Peninsula, so far), and kayaking! Our day was planned: Punta Laguna, Coba ruins, and a cenote tour. But first, our day of adventures started in the Lagoon. 


We’ve been there early in the morning, to take advantage of the day. We started walking in the jungle, expecting to see wild animals and birds. One of the highlights of our tour in Punta Laguna was definitely our encounter with the spider monkeys. During a jungle hike, our guide led us to a spot known for monkey sightings. We were enchanted to see the monkeys jumping from tree to tree. But the real adventure began when one curious monkey decided to join us! It playfully snatched a hat from Eddy. 


As we’ve been there in the morning, chances were low to see the monkeys, because they tend to appear in the afternoon. However, we’ve been lucky!


Moreover, visiting Punta Laguna gives you the opportunity to be close to the local culture. Nearby, you will find a Mayan village, offering a unique glimpse into the Maya culture. As we were walking through the village, we felt really part of the landscape!

“We almost lost our hat because of this little monkey”

“They love to eat small fruits”

What to do in Punta Laguna

Apart from seeing incredible and funny spider monkeys along the jungle, you can also see other kinds of animals in Punta Laguna: jaguars, pumas, lizards and all different kinds of birds. A complete natural experience! – and if you are a photographer, you will take some nice shots here (just like we did!).


As well as the lush vegetation of the jungle, we love adventures. And ziplining in Punta Laguna made our experience to be really the best– a bit of quiet nature, and a bit of adrenaline is always the perfect mix, especially for Eddy, an inner adventurer enthusiast! 


And when you finish your hiking, there is a nice museum to visit and a small place where you can get some fresh drinks, but you can’t really get food here. For lunch, we went to

How to get to Punta Laguna

We think renting a car is the best way to explore Punta Laguna – the trip is about two hours from Playa del Carmen and one hour and a half from Tulum. Driving it’s super convenient for us because it lets us decide our arrival and departure times, and it gives us the freedom to check out amazing nearby places like a cenote or a Mayan ruin at our own leisure.


But if driving isn’t your thing, no worries! Opting for a tour is a great idea. They’ve got your back, handling all the travel details and planning fun activities for you.


As for taking a taxi, we’re a bit hesitant to recommend it. It can sometimes be overpriced and hard to find. However, if we’re traveling in a group, we can split the cost, making it more budget-friendly and ensuring we get there quickly.


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What’s near Punta Laguna – Coba ruins and Cenotes

When we finished our visit to the natural reserve Punta Laguna, we were starving! So we decided to have lunch in a restaurant in Coba, a lovely place located 45 min from Tulum (our home), 2 hours from Cancun, and 1 hour and a half from Playa del Carmen. Here, after having lunch we visited Coba ruins, an archaeological zone that used to belong to the ancient mayan. 


In Coba ruins, you can rent a bike or a tricycle, and we did it! It was a bit warm, but absolutely worth it. We’ve seen a lot of lizards during our visit here! We climbed the pyramid and it was a great adventure! To finish our adventure, we needed to see a cenote, and swim in clear natural waters to refresh. This is why we paid a guided tour to Cenote Choo-Ha, a few kilometers from Coba ruins. 


Cenote Choo Ha, nestled near the historical Mayan site of Coba, is one of the three cenotes on this area, along with Cenote Tamcach Ha and Cenote Multum Ha. This incredible underground cenote is known for its transparent waters and stunning geological structures, offering an ideal location for a rejuvenating dip following an adventurous journey through the remarkable jungle-covered ruins.

“Snorkeling Close To The Coast”

Things to know before visiting Punta Laguna

The best time to visit Punta Laguna

Punta Laguna opens daily from 7 am to 5 pm, and in our opinion, the morning is the best time to go. We went there at 9 am, and we stayed for 2 hours (the average length of the visit). We particularly love the mornings, because we avoid the midday sun! Moreover, we’ve heard that the best time to see monkeys is between 2pm and 5pm. 


The entrance costs 25 USD per person. This fee doesn’t include the guide or the kayak, so if you have intentions to have a bit of an adventure, consider it in your budget! And keep in mind: Punta Laguna only accepts cash, but can be both: USD and Mexican pesos. 

Essentials in Punta Laguna

Snacks, good shoes, and mosquito repellent please! Remember, it’s the jungle. So the essentials always include appropriate clothing and, of course, water. Sunscreen is also important!

Hiring a guide – yes or no?

Whether to hire a guide or not depends on your preferences. We decided to go on our own, to have a more natural experience. But hiring a guide would definitely make it easy, especially if you go with kids. Moreover, if you are thinking of having a hassle-free experience, booking a tour that includes transportation and a guide, will make you focus just on relaxing. So it’s complete depending on what you are looking for!


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