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Tulum, Mexico, is maybe not the first place you think about when talking about Pablo Escobar. In reality, Pablo had one of his mansion exactly here when Tulum was still a little local village without luxury hotels and restaurants. His mansion, today called Casa Malca, became a luxury hotel, a few steps away from the beach, with a particular attention to art. So, if you are a big fan of the series Narcos, where Pablo is the main character, and you love Mexico and art pieces, you should really consider spending your stay in one of their great rooms.

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Mexico and Pablo Escobar, the king of drug traffickers

Let us share with you a bit more about Pablo in this guide. Pablo Escobar, originally from Colombia, became one of the most famous drug dealers during the 70s. He quickly became the lord of drug dealing between South America and the United States. Escobar made a lot of money out of drug trafficking of the white powder, cocaine. He invested primarily in real estate, but he also acted as sponsor of charity projects and soccer clubs which earned him a certain degree of popularity and political standing, including a seat in parliament. It was in those years that Pablo bought this mansion on the beach coast of Tulum, in Mexico, far away from the idea that his mansion will become a luxury contemporary art hotel one day. Escobar was shot to death by members of a special police unit in 1993.

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“Our Guys On The Rooftop”

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“The Incredible Architecture”

Why would you book a room at Casa Malca property for your visit?

What’s better than being able to enjoy everything you need during your travel in a great resort like Casa Malca? This luxury hotel has 3 restaurants, 1 bar, a spa with 2 swimming pools, 71 rooms and suites all with great pieces of contemporary art and designed by Lio Malca. Lio bought the casa, which then became named after him, Casa Malca. The private rooms are minimal but with an eclectic mix of color, art and luxury, while floor-to-ceiling windows open onto a breathtaking view of the beach or the jungle of Tulum. In shared spaces, you will be able to find Mayan themes, natural wood and great photos. If this wasn’t enough, check the rest of the guide to find out more about the room/suite and the great food of the restaurant in Casa Malca.  

Casa Malca Rooms and Suites

The design of every suite and room, as well as the whole property, was curated by Lio Malca. Each room is unique and the pieces of art and design inside it come from famous artists, a lot of them coming from Mexico. This hotel is unique between Tulum hotels because of its style, its view whether on the beach or on the jungle and its large implementation of art all around the resort. So, if you are spending your stay in Tulum or you are just passing by, you should really come and visit it: you will be merged in one of the best hotels of Tulum and Mexico.

pablo escobar tulum casa malca art

“We Love This Mad Mirror”

pablo escobar rooftop tulum mansion

“What's Better Than A Great Cocktail?”

Casa Malca Food at its Restaurant and Bar

We love Mexican food and you should really try the fresh dishes the chef and the team are preparing in this place. The menu features local ingredients and secrets passed down from generation to generation in Mexico, combined with contemporary European techniques. Your mouth and your senses will thank you after a dinner here, believe us. Between our tips, if the restaurant is too pricey for you, check out the bar: you will be able to drink incredible cocktails and order some of the best tapas in the city. 

Take Advantage Of Free Concierge Service

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“Virginia Will Transform You In A Tulum Insider”

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“Delicious Meat”

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“Incredibly Fresh Seafood”

Spa, Pools and its Private Beach

If this resort wasn’t complete enough, it also has an amazing spa with many treatments to relax you after a day at the beach, two swimming pools in the jungle and the access to its private beach. If you are still wondering, check out Casa Malca’s website and book a room for your stay directly with the amazing staff working there. 

pablo escobar mansion tulum

“Tulum's Architecture”

pablo escobar restaurant tulum

“Dinner In Casa Malca”

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