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Cheers to the future bride and groom! We are so happy for you and we want to help you with what comes next.

Planning the perfect venue and wedding ceremony of your dreams can be confusing. But, does the idea of a destination wedding by the vibrant Caribbean ocean and the lush Mayan jungle of Tulum appeal to you?

We’ve visited hundreds of exclusive resorts and hotels in Tulum, Mexico, to know which has the perfect view to celebrate weddings. From picturesque ceremonies on the coast of Riviera Maya to dining exquisite gourmet food by the jungle and afterparty wedding reception you have so many options!

Here, we pick the best venues for a memorable ceremony and our recommended wedding planner in Tulum! But first, why should you celebrate your wedding in Tulum? Check out our reasons below!


This tropical getaway known as Tulum is a popular tourist destination because of its scenic beaches, beautiful Mayan jungle and many exciting activities to do

Here in Tulum, you can host a private wedding ceremony in a luxury resort or boutique hotel for 5,000 to 20,000 USD! Which mostly covers the important stuff such as the venue, event coordinator, dining experience and luxury rooms. 

Some venues do offer an all inclusive wedding package for a budget-friendly price than a personalized wedding ceremony. So, stick around and find out what the top venues have to offer you!

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“Places In Tulum Are Incredible”

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“Only Good Vibes And Love”


You can find many luxurious resorts and hotels offering great wedding deals. Many of these places require you to contact them for further information (which is a bummer). But, here are our top picks of the best venues and the services they offer, rating from the most valuable place to organize your special day!

*Please note that prices, weddings service and the number of allowed guests are subject to change!


Venue: Variety of venues to select | Prices: 999 to 26,000 USD | Guests: 10 – 250 guests


Dreams Tulum is an all inclusive and family friendly resort located 15 minutes from Tulum. It is a luxurious and contemporary-designed resort nestled by the coast of Riviera Maya. Home to a grand walkaway garden and stunning infinity pools, they offer authentic bedrooms, wonderful service and are rich in accommodation, perfect for a family, couples and singles.

Wedding packages

They are at the top of the list because of the vast variety of options you can select, with a clear price of what you are getting. What we love most about Dreams Resort & Spa is their packages allow you to add personal touches, select the different venues, and a wedding reception to accommodate 250 guests! Even the starting price of 999 USD offers a private organizer to help in planning the ceremony. Highly recommend checking their detailed wedding guide for more info and prices!


Venue: Beachfront | Price: Need request for quote | Guests: 24 guests maximum


Another fantastic choice to celebrate on a special day by the beach. Kore Tulum is an all inclusive and adult-only boutique hotel that aims to provide a mindfulness atmosphere. Allow guests of couples or singles to retreat into a sacred wellness journey. While also offer a luxury ensuite with a private jacuzzi, a great view of the ocean and unparalleled spa services.

Wedding packages

Located by the Riviera Maya beach, Kore Tulum offers 5 enticing wedding services. Which all come with an oceanfront venue, wedding coordinator and extra privileges. Your guests will love this, because they are pampered with luxury ensuite, personalized gastronomy and get to experience their spa! Find out more at their wedding page.

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“Wedding Party At The Beach”

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“Scenographic Cooking Set”


 Venue: Beachfront | Price: Need request for quote | Guests: 50+ guests


A sustainable resort that aims to bring creative communities together and give back to nature is what makes the Papaya Playa Project unique. They are a family-friendly boutique resort with eco cabanas and a well-crafted villa overlooking the beach. Stay tuned to their event calendar, they know how to throw a party, as their “full moon” parties have so much hype in Tulum!

Wedding packages

Just knowing that they know how to throw a rave party, they do very well in planning an elegant wedding ceremony. Papaya Playa Project offers an eco-themed wedding by the beach. Celebrating your special day under the big oceanfront palapa overlooking the vibrant Caribbean ocean does set a romantic ambiance. Afterward, dance the night away by the lit-up beach and some cocktails, filling the air with laughter and joy!


Venue: Beachfront and jungle | Price: around 5000 USD | Guests: 100 guests maximum


Escape and getaway to a private boutique hotel with Nest Tulum. Get ready, prepare to experience their ultimate comfort and privacy in their simplistic room and the chic villa. Explore the villa and property, eventually finding yourself at many glamorous spots to take an aesthetic photo!

Wedding packages

Unlike other places, Nest Tulum allows you to rent the whole property to host a private event for yourselves! Sharing this beautiful moment only with your beloved family and friends. For their services, guests are accommodated into 12 ensuites and 1 villa (prepared for bride and groom usually). While the wedding will take place at the most scenic spot on the beach, decorated with an intimate garden for a perfect atmosphere! Check out their brochure to find out more.

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“Wedding Venues In Tulum Are Beautiful”


Venue: Variety of locations | Price: Expensive than average | Guests: 200 guests maximum


Surrounded by the lush Mayan jungle and steps away from the tranquil Caribbean ocean, nested Casa Malca. One of the popular and high-end boutique hotels in Tulum, with eccentric and artsy architecture. If you know the notorious Pablo Escobar, then you should know that he once lived at Casa Malca! It was his home, and now it’s like an art museum where guests can stay for the night.

Wedding packages

Because of its authentic atmosphere, luxury suites and variety of gourmet, it will cost much more than your average luxurious resorts and hotels. On the plus side, they are experienced in planning lavish weddings. Where its top benefits include an event organizer, various venues selection, a 5-star dining experience and extravagant guest rooms. We say that if you have the buck and want to celebrate your wedding with a bang while also making your friends jealous, this is a way to celebrate your special day!

Secret Wedding VENUES in Tulum

Unlike our previous list, this one covers two secret locations that know how to throw elegant weddings, so check it out if you want much more privacy and something less mainstream!


Venue: Moroccan Patio Villa  | Price: Need request for quote  | Guests: 28 + guests


Nested in the deep jungle surrounded by tall trees lies a hidden oasis called Ambre & Epices. It is a secluded luxury hotel inspired by the designs of Moroccan riads, which are houses with an open patio. Seeing this in Tulum, Mexico brings back memories! We love the shift in atmosphere as you pass through the big wooden entrance. Feel the tranquility in the air when you enter this divine home. Decorated by flora on every corner, the turquoise pool rests calmly at the center of this pearly-white villa. Welcome to this heaven on earth!

Wedding packages

Speaking of heaven on earth, this is a stellar place to take a pre-wed photo, especially by the open space patio. But anyways, to host private events here, you need to rent the riad exclusively and contact the reception. Also, check out this positive review on Airbnb about her wedding experience with Ambre & Epices!

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“Wedding Venue In The Jungle”

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“Lovely Entrance”


Venue: Enchanting nature  | Contact: [email protected]


An authentic-international dining experience with a Mexican twist that makes Wild Tulum popular! Experience an open space dining surrounded by nature where the facilities are made of pure wood decorated elegantly. Where romance fills the air as the candlelit tables and the bar shines brighter than the starry night!

Wedding packages

It’s a popular place to dine, but people don’t know how extraordinary they can organize weddings! Where they turned the restaurant into an enchanting nature-themed venue that looks straight out of a fairy tale! Celebrate the moment with expert wedding planners, blooming decorations, renowned DJs and more. Contact their socials for prices and availability today!

Organizing weddings take a long time to plan. Around 12 months before the date is the best, because Tulum is a seasonal tourist destination where prices can hit the roof during high seasons (October to April). While the weather in Tulum can be heaven on earth, the next thing you know there’s a hurricane casually passing by. 

We hope you find our article helpful and let us know down below if the locations are intriguing. We wish you a happy wedding!

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