What we didnt like about marrakech

Morocco is a beautiful country, but if you really want to discover it properly one week in a cheap riad in the Medina of Marrakech, Essaouira, Casablanca, or Fez will not be enough. We have a love hate relationship with this controversial country, but Atlas mountains, Sahara desert, and incredibly good food are enough good reasons to make it a unique destination for your trip. In Morocco there are many great cities and things you can do around the country, but there are also some bad sides of how Moroccan people see tourists and especially solo female travelers. Discover what we didn’t like about Morocco during our trip, which city was the worst in terms of experience and which was the best, which places are better not visiting, how to stay safe away from home, in which area is better to take the hotel and how not to get your money stolen in Morocco. 

Trash in marrakech streets

“Trash In The Streets Of Marrakech”

moroccan people living conditions

“Low Moroccans Living Conditions”

What we didn't love about Morocco?

Even if our experience as digital nomads in Marrakech and Essaouira was overall good, there were some episodes that spoiled a bit our trip. We made here a list of what we didn’t like during our time in Morocco and we hope our point of view will help. Of course, you’ll avoid all these things if every day you take a tour and you’re accompanied by local people, but if like us you prefer to be autonomous, sooner or later you’ll deal with one of these aspects of Moroccan culture. 

The bad side of the moroccan culture

Morocco has a completely different culture than the European one and you’ll realize it at the beginning of your visit. Morocco is a very poor country where the don’ts are more than the permissions. Is not just because of the different religion and culture, but we really have a different vision of the world. What we want you to know is that you should be ready to see like a banknote with legs and arms, especially in Medina’s souks. That’s how going to one of the most beautiful places can become a real nightmare during your trip. Tourism is the biggest income for moroccan people, so for them everything is a good reason to sell you something. They have also put in place many scams and they can be really insistent. If you’re dreaming of a calm trip to relax from your everyday life, well maybe Morocco and especially Marrakech can be the wrong option. 

The aggressiveness of people

As we said before, local people need to gain money to have a decent life. Since it’s a question of survival, they can be very aggressive insisting until you buy something and forcing you when you visit their shops and this can make you feel just very uncomfortable. The advice we can give you is to avoid reply to them and just do what you want. They can’t force you to tour the shops of their family, so just make sure they don’t close the doors when you enter their shop and if you don’t like anything or you don’t get the price you want, don’t hesitate to leave. Remember that you’re always in the right of doing that. We know that at the beginning it is difficult because it’s so different that what you could have lived back at home, but that’s how it works in Morocco. 

The low safety of the country

Nothing really bad happened to us, just some aggressions on the streets and once a group of men wanted to beat Alessia, but still that’s really bad. We travelled in many countries in the world, but we’ve never felt that unsafe, especially if you’re a woman. You can find on our blog a travel guide to Morocco for solo female travelers that hopefully will help you. In any case, we advise you not to go alone in the desert or mountains, but prefer choosing a tour of one day or more.

The way animals are treated

Animals in Morocco are exploited until they are too old and at that moment they’re left alone to die. Donkeys, horses, monkeys, turtles, snakes are animals you can easily find in Medina and all around Marrakech. A thing you can do to stop this hellish practice is not taking photos with animals during your trip, otherwise the owners will ask you for money and will continue to exploit them. So, be always conscious and know that behind a good souvenir photo there are days of pain and misery for these creatures.

what we didnt like in morocco

“How Animals Are Exploited In Morocco”

scam place jemaa el fna

“Invalids Who Ask For Alms”

What we loved about Morocco and Marrakech

The time we spent in the city of Marrakech during our trip was great, but it started to be even better after the first month. If you have the chance to spend more than one week in Morocco, you’ll get used to their culture and the things is better to avoid. If you want to enjoy only the good side of Morocco, then day tour are the best thing you can do. Other than these things, Morocco is still a beautiful country that deserves to be visited at least once. Its food, Atlas mountains, Sahara desert and ocean make it the perfect combo if you want to merge in beautiful nature. 

Feel free to share on the comment below your experiences and your advices for other travelers, we can’t wait to read you!

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  • Ahmed

    February 6, 2021

    Very sorry to know that you have been through some bad experiences in Marrakech. I think those are really some outliers when compared to general feedback.

  • Jean-Pierre Hoffer

    February 7, 2021

    Trash on the streets I do not agree , that type of pictures could be taken in Paris or any part of the world !

  • Achraf

    February 7, 2021

    Good Article

  • A. Idrissi

    February 7, 2021

    As a native Moroccan myf I hated the way merchants in the city of Marrakesh approach tourists even Moroccans, but if you know how to deal with it, then Morocco is very beautiful place to always visit.

  • Joseph Cohen

    February 15, 2021

    Chicago ranks among the worst cities when it comes to shootings and car jacking! Are those reasons not visit Chicago? I don’t think so. Despite all the bad PR we have in Chicago this city is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The same thing for Morocco I grew up there the country has its good and bad but overall it’s one of the most culturally diverse and rich places anybody can visit.

  • Octavius Johnson

    February 16, 2021

    Im sorry that you have that opinion about Morocco. I’ve been five times and love it. As a matter of fact I found the greatest woman in the world there and married her.

    • Dawn

      March 28, 2021

      And I found my husband there in Morocco too…. I too,LOVE IT

  • Steve Hunter

    February 16, 2021

    i don’t totally agree with you, Morocco is a very safe and clean country even compared to Europe, Marrakesh is very beautiful place but it became lately very dependent on tourism’s money for its economy, so no surprise to encounter few hustlers around the touristy places like anywhere on the planet.

  • Sam

    February 16, 2021

    Like any other country there’s a bad side and the bright side in my opinion Morocco is one of the best country in the world. They have different and special culture people in Morocco most of them are nice.

  • Natalya

    February 16, 2021

    I visited Morocco and unfortunately I can not relate to your article at all. I had a great experience in Morocco . stayed in a nice hotel in Maamounia. I felt like I’m in a fairytale. I found the people there so humble and simple. Although they don’t have much they’re so generous. I enjoyed every second in Morocco and surely I’ll come back again. And really recommending people to visit it.
    I believe you’re bad experience may be because you chose to stay in cheapest places in the city. That exist all over the world. If you’re looking for something cheap be aware of the consequences. Even in big cities like NewYork or Frankfurt where I’ve been before you can see things like that in cheap hoods.

  • Yassine Aissaoui

    March 29, 2021

    I found your article more negative than realistic, there are always two sides of the story…as a cabin crew who traveled the globe for 10 years, I can assure you that there is no such called a safe place on earth! I hope your next experience won’t be that bad.

  • Ham

    March 29, 2021

    Yes Morocco is a fantastic country to visit. People are very hospitable and very friendly
    Very rich culture.
    Love to go there every year

  • G.s.

    March 29, 2021

    Morroco is like any country in N Africa or middle east, they respond to the threat of force. If you walk around ready to smash any threat, to completely annihilate anything intent on harming you, you’ll walk in peace. If you don’t project your willingness to hospitalize people keen on doing you harm, you shouldn’t be traveling in the vulnerable twosome of one male one female, unless Alessia has trained in a striking martial art. They are not a particularly strong or physically gifted people, and so your ”energy” or posture should be guarded and ready to kick teeth. If you guys do this as a career, I’d suggest both of you training something fierce,, Krav Maga or Muay Thai, Boxing or any system that causes maximum damage to target. I’m a former soldier with years or combat experience, so it comes naturally to me, but you two seem like walking targets. At least become hard targets – a duo with palpable danger as to suggest to potential aggressors they will lose more than they will gain. Good luck
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

  • Ben

    March 30, 2021

    You focused too much on the bad side!

  • Algerian freeman

    March 31, 2021

    Trash?! like there is none in New York, are you working for algerian regime too, much lies and too much hate, Morocco is not perfect but not what you try to fake

  • K.kalmani

    April 1, 2021

    What I think?
    I think you so wrong, Morocco it’s beautiful place to visit is its varied geography! Morocco doesn’t just have paradise beaches and sweeping expanses of desert, it also has mountains! Morocco has two major mountain ranges, the Rif Mountains in the north and the Atlas Mountains stretching through the middle of the country. You should be a positive and next time don’t bother to post those unnecessary pictures because will not help you to change anything about Moroccan reputation and his tourist attraction.

  • Mandy

    May 14, 2021

    I can tell just by the pictures you posted (and their captions!) why Moroccans may have treated you poorly… Hhhhh This is why some people absolutely love Morocco and some people hate it. It’s not them, it’s you. Your article is fine but ffs take out the outrageously disrespectful pictures.

  • Edward

    May 20, 2021

    Your bad experience was about Marrakesh and not Morocco. So don’t say any bulshitt

  • Mariana

    May 26, 2021

    Moroccan government’s cyber army commenting undercover to bash this article that says the truth.

  • Mohamed Bjayou

    June 20, 2021

    What rubbish! It’s abundantly clear that you are a bad traveller and an ignorant blogger who knows sweet Fanny Adam’s about Morocco, yet you have the audacity to write such offensive bullshit. For your information, Morocco is a lot safer than many other tourist destinations, including crime-ridden European and American cities. Why don’t you write about aggressive beggars and litter-strewn streets in your country, wherever you come from, instead? Morocco is for visitors with taste and respect for the host country. MB

  • Heather Allam

    June 22, 2021

    You don’t think the US exploits animals? They do it under the table. Your article was truly ignorant. I’m an American expat living and teaching in Morocco. The people are welcoming and hospitable. I felt more unsafe in Houston Texas than I do in Morocco

  • Moroccan

    June 27, 2021

    What kind of fucked up article is this?? Reading this i felt like it was backed up by some Algerians intelligence!! Dont ever come back here !! Disgusting 🤮

  • Simon

    July 17, 2021

    Hi Alessia and Eddy!
    Well sorry that you had bad experience in Morocco ! People won’t force you to do something that you don’t want and I believe every country have two side good and bad ! Since you felt unsafe in that country I don’t recomand you to visit any other Arab country because I guess Morocco is the safest one for foreign tourists ! And of course it’s totally different from what you know and from your culture!

  • Nadi

    July 22, 2021

    I hope what you have experienced in Morocco would not stop you and others from exploring the beauty of that part of the world next time.

  • Fadil

    July 26, 2021

    I do not agree with all what you have stated about morrocco, contrarely it s one of the best countries worth to be payed a visit. talking about the way merchants in the city of Marrakesh approach tourists i do not see any harm in that ,there are many touristic destinations worldwide worse that that. i have visited marrakech many times and I always walk in its beautifully alleyways freely. On the other hand morrocco is not only marrakech you have to see other cities then you can generalise .

  • Michael

    July 31, 2021

    It seems like you have not tried to find out much about the culture of this country if all you can say is there are more things forbidden than permitted. You never told the readers why somebody wanted to bash you. Maybe you were not dressed appropriately and people may have been offended but I cannot see people threatening violence.

  • Mohamed Bjayou

    August 5, 2021

    Bullshit! You deliberately photographed a bit of rubbish someone had dumped in a back alley to portray Marrakech in unflattering light, a reason why you’re not welcome in Morocco. You should be more concerned with litter and crime in your country.. what’s so strange about a woman selling fruits and vegetables in a market? Disrespectful asshole! MB


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