FAQ about Meze Tulum

Meze Tulum is owned by the group Gitano, founded by James Gardner and Melissa Perlman. Come and read more about Gitano Tulum venues here!

The best time to go to Meze is on Thursday and Friday. Thursdays are when they have the Happy Hour Magica event. On Friday, you can dine there and go to Gitano Jungle for the usual Gypsy-Disco party! Get the

Yes, it is possible to make a reservation at Meze. But, to make the bookings easier and stress-free, we recommend contacting Virginia. She will organize everything, from getting the best seats to watching the live shows you want to see.

Definitely, Meze is a great place to party and drink! It may not be like a nightclub, but the beautiful bar and courtyard environment is perfect for a lively occasion.