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Ok, let’s start with saying that Donousa is not Naxos or some other famous Cyclades island: but that’s what makes it so beautiful! In Donousa you won’t find a bad restaurant: the way they cook here it’s simply amazing, genuine and fresh. The food you’ll find in this island is typical from the Cyclades, so it differs quite a lot from the food we ate in Athens. This mix of dishes from the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea will make you fall in love with the cuisine of Donousa. So, since you’re most probably starving, let’s get started!

The Typical Cuisine Of The Greek Islands

As we said before, the food here is completely different from what we ate in restaurants in Athens. In Donousa we had the chance to meet some of the chefs that cooked for us and guess what? They were all mama! Their food was incredibly good, cooked in an old way handed down through generations of their families. So, if in Athens restaurants are a bit more industrial, in Donoussa you’ll have the chance to taste the real Greek food, to try different dishes from Moussaka and to explore the Greek Cycladic cuisine. If you want to find out more about Greek islands, this guide will definitely help you. Keep on reading to discover our reviews on our favorite restaurants!

Here's Our Favorite Local Restaurants In Donoussa

In this article, we reviewed our favorite restaurants in Donoussa. The list is following an order from the most preferred restaurant to the least loved. All prices are based on a normal meal for two, made of one entrance, two main dishes and drinks. 

Are you ready to discover our favorite restaurants and their incredible menu? Let’s get started!  

1. Tzi Tzi Taverna

Budget for two:

30 euros

Why go there?

The view you’ll have from this beautiful taverna open all day long is just breathtaking and perfect for taking photos. Located in the village of Mersini near the main church, Tzi Tzi will not disappoint you. The owner, Evangelia, and the way she welcomes people in her restaurant is just unique: you’ll definitely feel like at home. We spent full afternoons in Tzi Tzi working on our laptops or just enjoying the view drinking a freddo espresso. What to eat when you go there? We advise you the local goat with artichokes, meatballs with rice, their great feta in the oven and their dakos, and to finish in beauty the Greek yogurt with honey. Their portions are so generous and the atmosphere is just amazing. Go there during a full moon evening: you’ll have the perfect view on the red moon emerging from the sea.

Where to find it?
Tzi-Tzi Taverna Greek Food

“The Generous Portions In Tzi Tzi”

View Tzi-Tzi Taverna Mersini

“The View From The Taverna”

2. Simadoura Restaurant

Budget for two:

30 euros

Why go there?

The first time we went there was totally random: we saw the Simadoura sign while walking in the port village of Stavros and we followed it up the hill until we arrived to this small taverna with an amazing view on the main town of the island. The owner proposed us two dishes: imam, a delicious eggplant with tomatoes, onion and feta and revithia sto fourno, aka chickpeas in the oven with onions. Guys, these two dishes made our trip to Donussa: so tasty and delicious! The chef is a lady originally from Crete and she cooks every day recipes her grandmother passed her. Simadoura is worth the visit for the delicious food, the kind service and the calm atmosphere perfect for reading a book.

Where to find it?
Old Houses Stavros Donoussa

“The Old Houses On The Path To Simadoura”

Imam Greeek Food Simadoura

“Imam, A Delicious Greek Dish”

3. Estiatorio To Kyma Restaurant and Supermarket

Budget for two:

20 euros

Why go there?

Estiatorio To Kyma will be the first restaurant you’ll see when you arrive on the island. This old-style taverna is frequented mainly by local and it’s situated in the port of Donoussa in the main village of Stavros. This is really the most central place to stay in the island, so if you want to find an apartment here, we really advise you Travala (psst! With it you’ll also save 25$ on your booking). This place is not only the cheapest supermarket on the island, but it’s also so close to hotels, rooms and studios of the biggest town. If you are in the beaches of Stavros or Kedros and you want to sip a traditional Greek coffee or eat delicious Greek food cooked by the old lady Maria, this place is perfect for you. This family business is also slightly cheaper than the other restaurants. We advise you to eat there at night when the atmosphere is more vibrant. Ah, it’s also the perfect spot where to eat and wait for the ferry before leaving the island!

Where to find it?
Supermarket Donoussa Stavros

“The Supermarket Of The Restaurant”

Restaurant Port Of Donousa

“The Simple Kitchen Of The Restaurant”

4. Ο Παναγιώτης Bakery

Budget for two:

5 to 10 euros

Why go there?

We decided to put this bakery in the map of our favorite restaurants because we loved picnic on the different beaches of the island! This bakery located in the port of Donousa is so cheap and delicious. You’ll have a lot of choices between the classic pita, the sandwiches and all the different types of bread filled with vegetables, olives, ham, turkey, cheese and so on. Its cheap prices are perfect if you travel on a budget but you want to eat something tasty. You have to check it out for sure if you are in the port beach in Stavros, it’s just few steps away. If you want to have some inspiration for where to picnic on the island, read our guide about the best beaches in Donoussa.

Where to find it?
Donoussa Bakery Stavros

“The Bakery In Stavros”

5. Kedros Beach Bar

Budget for two:

30 to 40 euros

Why go there?

This small taverna is pretty expensive and it was our least favorite place in Donousa. The food is good, but the portions are small for the price you pay them and the service is pretty slow. Here you’ll find Mediterranean and Aegean dishes with a lot of products coming from Naxos or other near islands. The atmosphere is casual and it’s the meeting point for all the wild campers camping just nearby. If you want to discover how to wild camping in Donoussa, check our our article! This place is really close to the beach of Kedros and it’s perfect if you decide to spend a day there. On the other hand, if you aren’t in Kedros, then this place is not worth a visit.

Where to find it?
Kedros Beach Bar Donousa Food

``The Dakos Salad In Kedros Beach Bar”

Kedros Beach Donousa Summer

“The Location of Kedros Beach Bar”

If you are organizing your trip to this beautiful Greek island, don’t forget to give a look at our guide about traveling to the island of Donousa. Otherwise, leave us a comment below or write us an email: we’ll be glad to reply you!

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