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Looking for a fun zipline adventure and experience the amazing Mayan jungle on a whole new level? That’s right, we are talking about flying free through the lush jungle treetops, rappel down the ziplines at full speed and spiking your adrenaline!

Across the great coast of Riviera Maya, from Tulum to Cancun, is where the best of nature’s hidden gems reside. Prepare to embark on a day trip to zipline through the Mayan jungle from the skies, Cruze the muddy tracks on an ATV from the land, and swim the holistic water of cenotes. This breathtaking adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers!

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Heads-up everyone, we will be listing our top zipline tours in Tulum that offer a variety of jungle adventures and experiences. Check out our guide and tip to get the most bang out for your buck!

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“One Of The Cenote Of The Park”


When it comes to full day activities, we always visit Tripadvisor or Viator as our go-to platform. They are the best at providing trusted tours, customer safety and great convenience when you book online. Not to mention, their 24 hours cancellation policies and the pay-later option enhanced our booking experience!

Although Tripadvisor and Viator are similar, we highly recommend Viator because they offer more zipline activities with more customer reviews about their experience. Know that most zipline activities are a packaged tour where you also swim and snorkel in a cenote, go on an ATV excursion, enjoy lunch and round trip transportation.

Below, we’ve done the homework and these are our top picks of the best zipline experience you can get across the amazing Mayan jungle of Riviera Maya, Mexico! 

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“Road To The Zip Lining Park”

cenote tulum zip line

“Ready To Jump In?”


Price: 89 USD | Time: 4 hours +

Tour Activities: Zipline | Rappel | Cenote swim and cave snorkel | Maya ritual | Lunch

This full day adventure with Alltournative: Discover Native Park Tulum is thrilled with exploring two enchanting cenotes, riding the zip lines through the treetops and dive straight to the cenote water. The tour begins with ziplining into the water and snorkeling the cave tunnels of Nohoch Nah Chich cenote. Afterward, rappel down the 12 m (40 ft) to descend into the mouth of the Yaxmuul cenote. Not to worry, photographers are present to capture the experience. How exciting!

Ziplining into the cenote was the best part of our experience! It is better than ziplining across the jungle treetops afterward.

Also, you can book and reserve the tours through Viator or Alltournative website. The price in Viator is cheaper because transportation (round trip) is not included, which costs 20 USD more on Alltournative’s website.

Now, if you want to explore Tulum Mayan ruins too, you can do it with them at a price of 129 USD per person. Check it out here!


Price: 82.25 USD | Time: 4 hours

Tour Activities: 9 ziplines | Cenotes | 5 Rooftop bridges | Rock climbing and rappel | Mayan lunch

Just a few dollars cheaper, Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park Tulum offers much more activities. They even have 9 zip lines across the jungle connected by the rooftop bridge. How amazing is that? Believe us, it sounds more exciting than it looks. 

Before your tour begins, your guide will prepare you with safety gear and a safety briefing. Then, your first stop is flying down the series of nine ziplines and crossing the five hanging bridges high above the jungle. You better spare some energy because you will climb and rappel down the 5.4 m (18ft) rocky pyramid next! And after the sweating, you will surely enjoy snorkeling in the cold cenote water and exploring.

Unfortunately, transportation to the Selva Maya Eco Park is not included and riding the ATV costs more. But don’t get discouraged, this is still a high-energy adventure and our review is highly recommended!

Feel free to reserve your spot from any platform and experience a full day of fun!

Meeting point

Carr. Tulum – Cancun km 240, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

tulum zip lining park cenote

“The Zip Lining Park Is Really Huge”


Price: 88 USD | Time: 4 hours

Tour Activities: ATV | 1 km zipline | Rappel and swim in cenotes | Taco lunch

Located next to Selva Maya, the 1 KM zipline tour with Maya Adrenaline is one heck of a unique experience! In this daring tour, embark on a bumpy ATV excursion on the rough jungle terrain to arrive at the 4 zipline circuit. One of them is the infamous 1 km (0.62 mi) that takes you across the great Mayan jungle and through the lush treetops. While flying, try to notice amazing aerial scenery from above!

 Congrats, you survive! But the adventure still continues, as your next ATV stop will be discovering LabnaHa cenote. Upon arrival, we recommend you slowly descend into the cenote through the safety ladder. Then, swim in the cold-refreshing water to wash away the sweat right before lunch time. Lastly, we also love that Maya Adrenaline tours offer round trip transportation from Super Aki Tulum to the adventure site.

With likely to sell out tickets, we recommend you check for availability and reserve your spot at the earliest time of the day!

Meeting point

Carretera Federal Tulum Ruinas s/n, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico (Super Aki Tulum)

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“We Love The Nature Around Tulum”

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“Virginia Will Transform You In A Tulum Insider”


Now you know of the best zipline guide tours in Tulum, you might wonder about the perfect time to go. Since you can’t control the weather, we love the experience more during the hot sunny days in April – September. That’s because the sun’s warmth feels nice after a cold swim in the cenote water. Brrr!

Lastly, we advise you to double-check your pick-up location with the tour guide for transportation. There are often miscommunications and misunderstandings about this. We don’t want your day ruined because they went to Playa del Carmen instead of Tulum!

We hope you enjoyed our review of the best zipline adventures in Tulum. Let us know below if you are thrill-seeker looking for adventures just like this!

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