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Do you feel the call to join a spiritual retreat in Tulum and experience various life changing healing and wellness practices? Well, let us show you where you should start to explore!

In the Mayan lands of Quintana Roo, Mexico nestles a magical city known as Tulum. Here, people love to gather, teach, and experience various spiritual ceremonies for the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. From the tranquil beach to the enchanting Mayan jungle, Tulum has the perfect environment to go deeper into your healing journey and discover new holistic lifestyles. But, for the new people, let us guide you through the idea of a spiritual retreat and how it can change your life!

It is no coincidence that you clicked this article. Now, we will explore the idea of spiritual retreat and how every person could benefit from the healing experience. As a result, you will have more confidence to book the suitable retreats that resonate with you!

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Like the animated movie “Soul,” the essence of being spiritual is connecting with your authentic self. These retreats and ceremonies will act as the medium to self-discovery through learning who you are at a level of your essence, devoid of conditioning from society, family, religion, etc.

You might be doing it already without you knowing, like doing yoga and meditation that lets you express your natural body movements. However, if you want to go deeper in your healing journey, there are forms of wellness ceremonies to do in Tulum. We recommend starting from a sound healing ceremony, a Cacao ceremony, and a Temazcal ceremony. Regardless of the rituals you do, it all offers to peel off your onion layers and teach you how to express yourself.

Before considering joining a spiritual retreat, ask yourself why you are doing this and have faith in your heart. Once you have that, check out our list of spiritual retreats to do in Tulum!

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“Spiritual Retreats Are Often Held In Nature”

tulum spiritual retreat kambo

“Kambo Medicine Session”


Now that you understand the essence of a spiritual retreat and its benefits. Take your time to read their programs and observe what your heart says. Then, prepare to immerse the next few days of various healing ceremonies tailored to open your hearts and change your life!


Duration: 6 days | Price: 1,299 USD / 25,400 MXN

Retreat offers: Daily yoga and meditation, breath work, private biomagnetism session, sound healing journey, Cacao ceremony, vocal liberation, and more

The form of Art Therapy is an act of self-knowledge that redirects stagnant emotions and energy in the body to enrich our life and experience. Led by profound facilitators who love their work, design a set of ceremonies that will penetrate the subconscious layer and unlock your heart at its full expression!

Besides the ceremonies and healthy foods, the retreat commences at Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, one of the protected nature in Quintana Roo. During that time, you will stay at a luxurious eco-chic Casita, where the area is surrounded by the Mayan jungle and steps away from the private beach. Plus, you will get free services if you book via the link!


Duration: 7 days | Language: Russian, French, English, Spanish | Price: 1,549 USD / 30,250 MXN

Retreat offers: Daily yoga and meditation, Temazcal ceremony, Cacao ceremony, Kirtan, option to explore Mayan ruins, and more

Join the sisterhood and explore your inner spirit through a creative practice designed by a woman for woman. In this private retreat, experience empowerment and a deep connection with the essence of your unique feminine energy. Guided by loving and talented facilitators, you are in a safe space to work with your intentions, free of judgments.

Explore nature around Naga Tulum, a boutique hotel between the Mayan jungle and the beach! Located half an hour from Tulum, stay in luxurious rooms and practice under the open-air shala by the lake!


Duration: 14 days | Price: 6,800 USD / 13,2800 MXN

Retreat offers: Learning and performing ceremonies of an ancient Mayan healing modality

An immersive Mayan healing retreat filled with ancient healing and wellness ceremonies to heal inner trauma and the root cause of the issue. By identifying the current health of your spirit, you can work on your past traumas and help to heal and let them go. As it does not serve you anymore, be free of all holding you back!

During your stay, you will be immersed in the eco resort’s area, surrounded by the ecologically preserved jungle. There will be time for activities, alone time, and a private cenote to unplug and relax.

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“Where To Start Your Spiritual Journey?”

tulum spiritual retreats meditation

“Eddy's Meditating Moment”


Duration: 6 days | Price: 1,675 USD / 32,700 MXN

Retreat offers: Beach excursion, Cenote experience, Temazcal ceremony, water workshops, the sound healing ceremony, and yoga

A unique spiritual retreat that utilizes water as an answer to deepening your spiritual connection to understand self, earth, and cosmos. The journey with Water is Life Retreat takes you to explore and immerse in the sacred waters of Mexico, from the Caribbean ocean to the cenotes of Quintana Roo. Book and come to delve deep into ancient myths and the modern science of water. The best element of life that empowers your human experience.

Located at Paledora Eco Resort, you have plenty of accommodation to stay in that has enriching open-air studios, a private cenote, and a private cave for spatial sound healing.


Duration: 4 days | Price: 796 USD / 15,500 MXN

Retreat offers: Various Tantra ceremonies to create the powerful version of you

Experience your whole self in a transformational retreat with Yum Tantra. Packed with daily programs with the ancient Indian practice, Tantra, under the guidance of Harrison and Alisa. A warmhearted couple that puts the time and work to create a safe container to help you feel what it’s like to be the person you vision!

Now you will stay here. At the gorgeous Portal Ixchel temple Tulum, where the area embodies unique ways to live in harmony with nature and offers you the opportunity to harmonize your body to awaken your spiritual self. Also, the site has delicious organic meals and spa services to enhance your emotional health.


Duration: 7 days | Price: 5,020 USD / 9800 MXN

Retreat offers: Daily yoga, sound healing bath, meditation, free time/excursion, and more

Book and join a sacred yoga journey to embody your authentic self at the beginning of the year! Start strong and manifest your greatest dreams into reality through the curated experience to connect with yourself and like-minded people. Together, discover healthier approaches to love and work to live a fulfilling life.

Nestled by the Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness resort offers luxurious rooms to rest. Plus, the guests are pampered with inclusive perks such as a free spa, massage, and 24 hour services!


Duration: 11 days | Language: English, Norwegian, Spanish | Price: 2,150 USD / 42,000 MXN

Retreat offers: Ayahuasca ceremony, Temazcal ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, sound healing, and optional activities (spa, full-body massage, and more)

Embark on an inner exploration journey by walking through various forms of spiritual healing and life workshops. The retreat of Mystical Music lets you activate all your six senses of the body to open up your hearts and express your inner artist, healer, and space holder you have held back for so long!

An oasis of a retreat center offers you various cozy accommodations, where the design honors the nature it surrounds. As it is pleasing to the eyes and spirit, you are guided by a group of facilitators capable of multiple language lectures, pampering you, and you can connect heart to heart.

tulum spiritual conference mexico

“Spiritual Conference In Tulum”

tulum spiritual retreat copal

“Copal Ceremony”


Duration: 7 days | Price: 2,100 USD / 4100 MXN

Retreat offers: 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 2 breathwork circles, a Temazcal ceremony, gentle yoga, and beach excursions

The impactful retreat of Spirit Medicine combines various healing traditions of the world. It aims to help people find their inner connection and release blockages and dense traumas that stop them from their true potential! Facilitated by a devoted couple with 20 years of healing experience, you are always guided and supported through the intense spiritual journey!

If you are unsure of Ayahuasca ceremonies and other holistic experiences, we explain the experience of it in our Tulum retreat guide

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I hope you found our list helpful – comment below your first-ever spiritual retreat experience and share it with the world!

FAQ about Tulum Spiritual Retreats

What is a spiritual retreat?

A spiritual retreat is a period of time that you dedicate to yourself, your emotions, and your deep feelings. In this time you allow yourself to relax and you listen to your deepest thoughts. The idea is to get out of the daily routine to connect again with you. Great for enhancing personal spiritual growth!

How long is a spiritual retreat in Tulum?

Usually a spiritual retreat in Tulum can last between 4 days to 14 days. This allows you to completely immerse yourself and get the most out of the experience.

What kind of activities can I do on a spiritual retreat in Tulum?

On a spiritual retreat in Tulum, there are many activities that you can do such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, forest hikes, spiritual discussions and workshops.

What is the best place in Mexico for a spiritual retreat?

Tulum is the best place in Mexico for a spiritual retreat, thanks to its natural environment, wellness vibes and proximity to the sacred Mayan ruins. The tranquility of Tulum allows you to feel deeply connected with yourself, your surroundings and nature. Also, there are tons of yoga classes and healing treatments available for those seeking a more spiritual experience.

Is Tulum a spiritual place?

Yes, Tulum is definitely a spiritual place! From the sacred cenotes to the mayan ruins, and the spiritual experiences like Temezcal, yoga, meditation and healing treatments, Tulum is an ideal place for those looking to connect with their spiritual selves. With its energy-filled environment and connection to the divine, it’s no wonder that Tulum is a popular destination for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. 

How much does a spiritual retreat in Tulum cost?

The cost of a spiritual retreat in Tulum can vary widely based on the length of the retreat. Prices can range from about $800 USD for a 4-day retreat, to $6,800 USD for a 14-day retreat. Regardless of your budget, there are many options available in Tulum for a spiritual journey!

Can I join a spiritual retreat if I am a man?

Yes, you can definitely join a spiritual retreat if you are a man. Many retreats are open to both genders and offer valuable insight into the spiritual world. Eddy loves doing yoga, spiritual retreats, and all kinds of wellness activities in Tulum!

Are Tulum’s spiritual retreats for beginners?

Yes, many spiritual retreats in Tulum cater to all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing spiritual disciplines for years, you will still learn a lot about yourself and others. And who knows? It may be your first time, but not the last one!

What language are the retreats conducted in Tulum?

Most of the spiritual retreats in Tulum are conducted in Spanish and English. However, some retreats offer services in languages like French and Russian.

Can I attend a spiritual retreat in Tulum alone?

Yes, many people attend spiritual retreats in Tulum alone, especially solo travelers, as a journey of self-discovery and healing. 

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