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Where else would you go for an authentic Mexican taco than in Mexico? For me, there is nothing special about the tacos in Europe, and if you think Taco Bell was good, wait until you get a taste of the real ones in Tulum. It’s like the best thing ever!

Mexico has always adored its street food culture, especially in Mexico City, and tacos are one of them. They are solely made for your “antojitos”, little cravings, which you can find almost anywhere in Tulum. But, only a few notable places are worth the visit. So, let’s get familiar with the dish and explore the best taco restaurants in Tulum!


This beautifully-handcrafted dish has a variety of styles and toppings that you can easily find on the menu. These are:

De Pescado - Served with seasoned grilled or fried fish and garnished with some veggies
De Camarones - Served with grilled or fried or breaded shrimp and some vegetables
De Asador - Grilled and spit meat (chicken or steak) garnished with guacamole, onion, salsa and cilantro
Al Pastor/De Adobada - Pork steak marinated with red chili seasoning

We love the shrimp and fish tacos because they taste the greatest! You should definitely try them.


Just about anyone can make good food from basic ingredients. But, only we foodies know what makes food great. It all depends on how much the chef poured his heart and passion into crafting the tastiest dishes. In this case, be prepared for an experience that blows your mouth away, melts your taste buds and gleefully tingles your body!

So, here is our top list of restaurants where you can eat mouthwatering tacos in Tulum!


Open hours: 6am – 3pm | Mainly non-vegan menu | Price: under 100 pesos for a meal

What to eat?

Best local tacos in Tulum town! Affordable, authentic and delicious are the highlights of Taqueria Honorio. Only 24 pesos per piece, every inch of the tortilla is covered with your favorite choice of topping. Starting with their flavorful cochinita pibil (roasted pork) is a must-try, and it is the most recommended tacos on their menu! Their vegetarian options are also outstanding, where the tortilla is topped with eggs, avocado and cheese. You can definitely feed a family here without spending a lot.

The restaurant has this local vibe where you dine under the cold shade, quick service about 30 minutes in and out and a very long queue. So, come before 10am to avoid the crowd! IMPORTANT: If you see a long queue, your priority is to talk to the waiter and ask for your name to be written on the waitlist! Visit their Facebook page and take a peek at their food.

best mexican food tulum tacos

“Mexican Food Is Delicious”

handmade tacos tulum

“Nothing Beats A Fresh Taco”


Open hours: 10am – 11pm | Mainly non-vegan menu and cash only | Price: under 100 pesos for a meal

What to eat?

Antojitos Chiapaneca is a great competitor against Taqueria Honorio because their tacos are out of this world, and their prices are also affordable. With just a dollar for a taco, you have a variety of seasoned meat (pork, beef and chicken) and vegetarian options to choose from!

Hands-down, you should go for the tacos with flour tortilla, while drinking the sweet horchata drink to have a full belly. Also, the Mexican tostada and guacamole is a better option if you are a vegetarian. You can visit their Facebook page and post to see their menu.

Since they are one of the famous taquerias in Tulum, it can get busy around lunch to dinner time (12pm – 9pm). This is what you should watch out for, as the servers can forget to make your order. So, you need to make an effort to remind them about your order or if they make mistakes.



Open hours: 9am- 1am | Mediterranean dishes | Price: 250 pesos and more

What to eat?

Idan Lifshitz, a renowned chef, welcomes you to his signature restaurant, Loco Tulum. It is a Mediterranean restaurant and bar with a jungle vibe that is located along the hotel zone. The highlight of the restaurants is their famous tacos and 5-star service!

Well, that’s because this is where I tasted the most delicious seafood tacos ever! Their famous dish, fish tacos, is the star of the show. It is made with fresh red tuna and white fish, marinated with a savory 7 middle eastern spices that give a kick in your mouth. No doubt, it can’t get better than this.

Travel to their website and take a look for yourself!

best ice cream tulum tacos

“A Nice Ice Cream To Refresh After A Taco”

best tacos restaurant tulum mexico

“We Love This Restaurant In Tulum”


Open hours: 7am – 11pm | Variety of tasty tacos | Price: 300 pesos and more

What to eat?

Ziggy’s beach restaurant and bar is the perfect place to enjoy classic Mexican-Caribbean seafood by the ocean, where they also host daily events to keep you entertained during your visit.

This also includes enjoying their variety of exclusive tacos for both meat lovers and vegan foodies! Their taco menu serves a fresh selection of seafood such as their marinated and breaded shrimp, juicy skirt steak and battered fish. While for my vegan foodies, you try to get their famous roasted cauliflower tacos, dressed with peanut sauce and spicy Morita chili. Although the food is amazing and expensive, it is reasonable because of the 5-star service and relaxing ambiance you are spoiled with.

Just remember to take in the relaxing ambiance, enjoy the fresh seafood dishes and spend the day with a wonderful dining experience.



Open hours: 9am – 8:30pm and 9am – 5pm on weekends | Vegan friendly | Price: around 100 pesos

What to eat?

Suculenta Tulum is a local backyard restaurant serving traditional Mexican dishes such as tamales, enchiladas and beans. This place may be small from the outside, but they have the juiciest and chewiest mushroom tacos in the city!   

Their oyster mushroom tacos are a bomb for your mouth. Where the seasoned mushrooms are grilled on fiery charcoal and placed on their homemade tortilla. With just 110 pesos, you will get full from just eating 3 pieces. So, if you are passing by the area, Suculenta Tulum welcomes you with the smoke of a grilling mushroom.

I feel blessed to discover this place because it feels as if we found a buried treasure in the sand.

best tacos in tulum

“Handmade Taco In Tulum Town”

best mexican tacos burrito tulum

“We Love Burritos Too!”

Now that you have discovered the places to visit, I challenge you to venture into the streets of Tulum and travel into one of their “antojitos” food cultures! It can be a daring adventure, but it is one of the things you should do while you’re here. Just be sure to leave on an empty stomach!

We hope you enjoyed the article, remember to share with us your favorite Mexican tacos in Tulum down below and have a beautiful day!

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