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What’s better than a fresh grounded coffee in the morning? We love to kick start our days in Tulum with a nice view on the beach, a big mug of iced coffee and a delicious Mexican breakfast. If the wifi is good, we spend our morning in the same cafe to work! After a year trying each menu and cafe in town, both in Tulum Centro and Tulum beach, we decided to make this detailed list for you guys to discover new delicious restaurants in Tulum. Are you ready to find a place that will give your travel that je ne sais quoi? Check out our personalized Google maps and costumed list!

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Our selection of cafe in Tulum: check out our map!

We divided our list of cafe for their location, either Tulum Centro or Beach, for their combo of good coffee (mostly from Mexico) and delicious fresh breakfast, and for the quality of the wifi for the digital nomad fellas out there. In the customized Google map below you will be able to see the locations of all the coffee shops so that it will be easier for you to find them. 

Our favorite Cafe in Tulum Centro

Tulum Centro is chaotic and with a strong local vibe. Many are the hotels and restaurants on the main avenue, so it will be easy to find a cafe. But which one is the best? Which one has an excellent coffee cultivated a few miles away? Which one offers fresh Mexican food? Let’s find all about that in our list!

Cafeína Tulum

Open hours: 7:30AM–3PM

What is great about it?

If you love coffee, and especially trying varieties from Mexico, this coffee shop in the center of Tulum is for you. Not located in a property or in a hotel, this cafe is serving amazing breakfast, both from the Mexican cuisine and the International one. Here you will find very good croissants, sweets and pastries to kick start your day. They have great reviews, but pay attention: they are open only in the morning, so visit them early! 

Where to find it?

Mochiart Cafe

Open hours: 8:15AM–1PM

What is great about it?

Mochiart Cafe means really fresh and good coffee. But don’t expect the average coffee shop: in fact it’s a mobile coffee cart! You will find the baristo, his coffee machine and his great techniques waiting for you. It’s definitely perfect for a coffee on the go, or if you don’t want to struggle to find a parking. You will not find food here or breakfast, but for those who love to start the day only with a nice mug of coffee, that’s the deal. 

Where to find it?

Cara Feliz Tulum

Open hours: 9AM–8PM

What is great about it?

Do you love books? If the answer is yes, this will be your favorite cafe in town! With its unique concept in Tulum, you will find here plenty of books you will be able to read or buy, delicious breakfast and good coffee. The service here is excellent, so if you are in the zona Centro you should really visit them. They also accept used books for small credit towards your purchase, and they hold incredible events, like painting/drawing classes both for adults and kids. 

Where to find it?
avocado toast best cafe tulum

“What's Better Than Avocado Toast?”

best coffee shop tulum

“Starting The Day With A Smile”

Brew Tulum Specialty Coffee Experience

Open hours: 7AM–2PM | website

What is great about it?

This cafe is definitely the best if you want to taste (literally) great coffee from Mexico. Located in Tulum, in the zona Centro, you will find here many varieties of coffee from Mexico, Central and South America. You can book your coffee degustation and discover more about brewing: that will be mind blowing and it will probably change the way you see coffee. You will find this cafe and restaurant located inside the hotel Don Diego de la Selva.

Where to find it?

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Our favorite Cafe in Tulum Beach

Beaches in Tulum are amazing, and so are the hotels and restaurants on the coast. Not the best option if you are on a budget, but sometimes we should treat ourselves right? Let’s check out our picks to have a nice breakfast and then jump directly into the ocean, or why not try some aquatic sports

Matcha Mama

Open hours: 8AM–6PM | website

What is great about it?

Matcha Mama is a beautiful restaurant with a stunning view on the beach. Even though we wouldn’t say it’s a place with a local vibe, here you will find mainly expats and it’s impossible you didn’t see it on an Instagram post. Prices are definitely accorded to that. If you are searching for Mexican cuisine, this will not be the place for you. But, if you want some delicious healthy bowls to start your day, and you want a break from Tulum city, check this place out. 

Where to find it?

Raw Love Beach

Open hours: 9AM–6PM | website

What is great about it?

Another unique concept in Tulum! Located on the main avenue in the zona hotelera and Tulum beach, you will find here this incredible restaurant which serves really good coffee, breakfasts and lunch. The chef is really great: the food here, even if it’s raw, is really tasty so don’t be afraid and give it a try! You will find this paradise on the beach right between the hotels, so make sure not to miss it. Here the parking can be a problem, so if you come with a scooter it might be better. 

Where to find it?
best cafe in hotel garden tulum

“Imagine Starting Your Day Here”

best cafe in hotel tulum

“Cafes In Tulum Has A Crazy Design”

Los Bowls de Guadalupe - Vegan & Vegetarian bowls

Open hours: 7:30AM–6:30PM | website

What is great about it?

Another great restaurant with many options included in the menu, you will find it at the end of Zona Hotelera and Tulum Beach. The service is incredible and it’s definitely a good deal if you are staying in a hotel in this part of Tulum. Vegan and vegetarian bowls are wrapped with love and care and the coffee is also great. And why not take a swim in the ocean after a great breakfast here?

Where to find it?

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The cafe with the perfect combo of coffee and breakfast

There are coffee shops with great coffee, there are some with nice breakfasts… but which ones have the best combo to start your day at the best? Check out our top 4 below! 

Aroma Cafe Tulum

Open hours: 8AM–2PM | website

What is great about it?

Foodies out there, be ready to fall in love with this restaurant! The food here, more than being really beautiful, is super tasty. We don’t really know how the chef manages to make such beautiful dishes. With Mexican and international food, they offer the best combo of food and coffee if you want to treat yourself. People here are really kind as well and you will find free parking nearby. 

Where to find it?

Sin Etiqueta

Open hours: 8:30AM–3PM | website

What is great about it?

Sin Etiqueta is a local place serving delicious Mexican food, with tacos included in the menu, and fresh juices to upgrade your breakfast experience. Maybe you will not have the best view from here, but the love the owners put in it is definitely a game changer. Prices are great and you will also have a small garden where to chill out while sipping your juice, in addition to the indoor main room with nice wooden tables. 

Where to find it?
best cafe in town tulum

“Cafe In Tulum Town”

brunch cafe tulum

“We Love Pancakes”

Café Don Tomás

Open hours: 7AM–3PM | menu

What is great about it?

This restaurant located in a hotel in Tulum city center, will make you feel like you are in the US or Europe. With a modern design, they offer a really good space with free wifi if you need to send some emails or get some work done. They have really excellent reviews and the property in which it is located is amazing. It is open only in the morning and in the afternoon, while in the evening you will be able to enjoy a rooftop in the same hotel with delicious Mexican cuisine and fresh cocktails.   

Where to find it?

Paquino Tulum

Open hours: 8AM–4PM | menu

What is great about it?

Located in the heart of Tulum city center, this place will bring you to Italy without taking a plane. Forget about tacos here, and try fresh Italian sandwiches and cold cuts, served with a delicious coffee. They are unfortunately not open in the evening, but keep it on your mind even for a great aperitivo in the afternoon. Check out their menu on the link above! 

Where to find it?

The cafe with excellent wifi for digital nomads

We are digital nomads and we know how important it is to have a good place to work with a functioning internet. Check out these places in the Centro of Tulum to start your day with a good coffee and get some work done!

Botanica Garden Cafe

Open hours: 8AM–5PM | website

What is great about it?

We already talked about Botanica in many of our restaurant’s articles, and yes, if you ask us this is our go-to place. Friendly, quick, serving mouthwatering food, with live music some day of the week. This restaurant is perfect for brunch or a healthy breakfast in the morning. In this big open space merged in nature, you will be able to work thanks to their free wifi. Don’t worry, if you are coming by car you will be able to park on the same street. 

Where to find it?

Ki'bok Coffee Tulum

Open hours: 7AM–11PM

What is great about it?

Ki’bok Coffee Tulum has more or less the same vibe of Botanica and that’s why we like it so much! Their food is fresh and the menu includes many different options from different cuisine, Mexican and international. You will be able to meet many other digital nomad fellas out here and make friends. Their wifi is free and pretty good, so don’t worry. Moreover, if you spend your afternoon here, be ready to see this place change: in fact it transforms into a very cool bar in the evening where it will be really pleasant to spend your night. 

Where to find it?

We hope our article about the best cafes in Tulum helped you out to start your morning at the best. As we all know, well begun is half done! Let us know below if you visited some of these cafes and which ones you would recommend to other travelers. 

Have a nice day!

FAQ about Tulum Cafes

How much does coffee cost in Tulum?

Prices can vary, but you can generally expect to pay between 70 to 100 MXN pesos for a coffee in Tulum, depending on the cafe and the type of coffee.

What time do cafes open in Tulum?

Cafes in Tulum open only in the morning, usually around 8 am. However, some cafes open earlier, around 7 am. 

Do Tulum cafes offer vegan options?

Yes, many cafes in Tulum offer plant-based and vegan options given the area’s focus on health and wellness!

Are there any cafes in Tulum that offer free Wifi?

Yes, most cafes in Tulum provide free WiFi to their customers! Usually the Wifi is fast, and you will be able to stay connected while enjoying a great coffee!

Can I work from a cafe in Tulum?

Yes, you can work from a cafe in Tulum. We love working while drinking coffee!  Many cafes in Tulum offer comfortable seating, power outlets, and good WiFi. They are just perfect for digital nomads and remote workers! 

Are there any beach view cafes in Tulum?

Yes, given Tulum’s beautiful location on the Caribbean Sea, there are several cafes that offer stunning ocean views, like Matcha Mama cafe! 

Can I find a gluten-free cafe in Tulum?

Yes, you can definitely find gluten-free cafes in Tulum! Since it’s such a health and wellness hub, you’ll find tons of spots that cater to dietary needs, including gluten-free. 

How much should I tip in a cafe in Tulum?

Tipping in a cafe in Tulum is around 10% to 15%. However, we prefer to tip 20%, because locals work hard, and  we believe they deserve it! We always tip in MXN pesos.

Can I drink smoothie in a cafe in Tulum?

Yes! You can drink different kinds of smoothies in Tulum, and other fresh Mexican drinks! 

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