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Marrakech is the Moroccan tourists’s mecca, so famous and popular that of course well-wishers and not made it their hope to feed their family. Morocco is a really poor country and even though thinking about travel there is not a bad idea, it still is a place where scams undermine the safety of tourists. We can’t blame them knowing that a local lives with 250 euros per month. Tourists are concentrated in the riad and hotels in Medina and it’s exactly there that you’ll have more chances to fall into some traps (check out our favorite and safest neighborhoods here). But don’t worry, with our tips and few precautions you’ll enjoy your visit in complete safety. 

Is Morocco safe for female tourists?

In Moroccan society women have another place then what we’re used to in Western countries. If you don’t like to be square from head to toe and to be courted in more and less explicit ways, then Morocco will be an ordeal for you. During our trip, I was only a few times without Eddy and every, EVERY time I met mens who whistled at me and tried to talk to me. You need to know that I’m always very vigilant and I’m almost paranoid about this, so I never give them any signs of interest. I think they do this because they categorize us as tourists and so just more easy going than Moroccan women. Moreover they have many “don’t” in their culture, so it’s way more difficult to go out with a Moroccan women before the wedding. That’s why maybe they try to have a relationship with tourists who have a totally different mindset. Of course love stories can be born, but be ready to be tormented during your trip. If you want to read more about how I felt in Morocco as a female traveler,  give a look at our article

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“Marocain Et Fier, Proud To Be Moroccan”

Getting around in Marrakech, how?

Getting around the city of Marrakech can be hard. But thanks to our article we’re sure you’ll become a pro and go around like a local. Taxi, trains and buses are really safe, even more than renting a car and driving by yourself. Yeah, you read well. In Morocco police men are not well paid and when they see a foreigner, they usually stop him and ask him for some money. In this case, don’t panic. Just give them some money and drive away. It’s better not to joke with Moroccan police. Remember you’re in a completely different country than yours and that rules are different as well. Taxi are still the best option to reach Medina from the airport and they’re available at any time. If you’re going to visit other Moroccan cities, buses and trains are the most safe and cheap option. There you’ll not have to bargain the price, as you have to do every time with the taxi. So traveling around Morocco and in the city of Marrakech can be easy as pretty hard if you want to have the best price, but remember that you always have the option to walk! We loved walking around in Medina, and the best news is that it’s free and safe. 

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The most common scams in Morocco

Pour La Place, For The Square

If one day you see a local that wants to give you some free information regarding the best way to reach the square Jemaa el Fna or the Medina, just don’t listen to him. This is the most famous scam and it’s really a good one if you fall in it. How does it work? If you’re for example searching for your hotel and some people see you hesitating, they will propose for help. If you start talking with them, they will tell you that they will bring you to your hotel, but before they will want to show you the famous tanneries. At that point, do everything to not to go there. Why? Because they will not make you leave the tanneries without having bought something. You can believe the price will follow Moroccan standards, but no: they will sell you extremely expensive stuff and you can leave them even more than 100 bucks.  

After You Take A Picture, They Ask For Money

During our travels in Morocco, we loved to make pictures. From the tasty moroccan food, to the beautiful riad and hotel, it will be almost impossible not to take photos in one of the most aesthetic places in the world. But pay attention. In Morocco many people don’t like to be in your photos and especially the most extravagant locals, will ask you for money as soon as you click your camera button. So, if you really want to take a picture of a local, ask before and agree on a price. If you don’t do that, they will ask you an expensive amount for just a photo. 

Just Look, Just Look

In the city of the souks, you will hear this sentence many, many times. But be ready to be strong and not afraid. If you want to shop in the Medina just to give a look, but you don’t find anything interesting, it’s your right to not buy any goods. You just have to pay attention to some things to have a nice experience. Don’t be too excited about the things you want to buy, because otherwise they will increase the price. Don’t be afraid to bargain like a fool, because since you’re a tourist they will ask you for a price ten times higher. So, be also ready to be strong and capable to say “no” if you don’t want to buy anything and go away. You can do it. 

Those Tricky Henna Ladies

When walking in Jamaa el Fna square and Place des Epices, walk with your hands very close to your body. Why? Because many henna ladies will try to grab your hand and as soon as the henna will touch your hands, you’ll have no escape. Once they start making henna art on you, you’ll have to pay. And it will be even worse since you didn’t agree on a price before!

The Fake Guide

As soon as you’ll go out from your hotel, since you’re obviously tourists, people will declare themselves as a guide and will not go away until they’ve been paid. That’s why, when they approach you, you shouldn’t talk to them and say you already have a guide. Remember not to ask for any information, otherwise you’ll have to pay for it. If you’re traveling with a friend and you’re both women, pay attention because they will target you thinking you’ll be more easy to convince.  

How to stay safe in Marrakech and what to do if you're in danger

Staying safe in Morocco is very easy. You’ll need to follow two rules: don’t go out at night in Medina and be reserved. If you follow these two rules, rarely you’ll have problems during your trip. If, for any unfortunate circumstance, you find yourself in danger, let your friends and family know the situation and call or join the touristic police. You’ll find them in the most famous places in Medina and they will be happy to help you. Remember that homosexuality in Morocco is a crime, so if you are homosexual, remember not to show it and keep close your documents, phones or computers in order not to show anybody photos of you with your partner. This is really a point you need to focus on since you can go to jail for years even if you’re not Moroccan. That’s been said, for the rest you can rest easy.

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“Always Pay Attention In The Souk”

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“Be Watchful When At The ATM”

After all, Morocco is a beautiful country and with the right precautions you’ll be able to enjoy your visit without any problem. Be ready to be merged into a completely different culture, so be open minded but careful at the same time. We hope our article helped you and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

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