FAQ about Tulum New Years Eve

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If there’s one thing for sure, this is that Tulum is really the perfect place to party in Riviera Maya. Check out our article about Tulum events to start organizing the best nights during your trip to Mexico!

Depending on what you want to do, 3 days in Tulum can be enough! If you're coming for the NYE, enjoying the beach or some cenote on the 30th, party on the 31st and chill on the 1st sounds like

Tulum, as every place in Mexico, can be dangerous sometimes. New Year's Eve is an event that attracts many tourists, so pickpockets and other dangers can be behind the corner. This doesn’t mean that Tulum is dangerous - behave wisely

There are many different events for NYE in Tulum, from beach parties, more formal dinners, and jungle parties. Depending on your budget and the vibe you want for the NYE, you’ll have plenty of options. We personally love beach parties