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Planning to visit Tulum but can’t help wondering, is it safe?… Well, safety should be your first priority when it comes to traveling to a new area. So, thank you for taking the time to learn before you travel!

For newcomers, Tulum is a hidden tropical getaway in Yucatan, Mexico. It is an enchanting town nestled on the beach of Riviera Maya that looks toward the great-blue Caribbean ocean. This is where thousands of tourists will travel to the beach to unplug and socialize. Tulum is also home to fresh-water cenotes and ancient Mayan Ruins that are the main tourist attraction around! There are so many days and night activities you can do in such a small town, making Tulum one of a kind!

Although Tulum is the best getaway stop, there are several issues that travelers should know. Having the help of Virginia and Kelly was essential – they made our nights out safe, and gave us many advices. Learn more about them here

Discover all you need to know about safety in Tulum. All the tips to answer your question… is Tulum safe?


Travelers and tourists fly to Tulum, Mexico, for a few things: to escape the ruthless restrictions, enjoy the beach and party! Sure, many visitors traveling to Tulum sound risky, but it’s not what you think. Let us explain.

During the pandemic, Mexico opened its borders. Then, Tulum became a top tourist destination! (besides Cancun and Playa del Carmen). However, as time passed, COVID-19 became history in Tulum at this point. Many local people and tourists spend their day without worrying at all.

As of lately, the current state of Tulum is free of the mask since June 2022! However:

Wear a mask

When you are on a Colectivo or ADO bus (September 2022). They are a great choice of public transportation used by locals and visitors to travel to Playa del Carmen, Cancun or any city in Quintana Roo state. It is safe, clean and affordable.

Avoid sharing the same drink

When you are out to drink with friends. You will never know if they are sick or not, and you will find out sooner or later. Don’t risk it!

Hotels have safety protocols to follow

All major hotels have Covid protocols that are not strict. So, you are free to decide if this is good for you to follow or not.

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“Events In Tulum After The Pandemic”

Take Advantage Of Free Concierge Service

As excellent to explore Tulum and its surroundings alone, you may need help figuring out where to start. To make the most of your money and time, contact Virginia and Kelly - two incredible Mexican girls living in Tulum for more than 15 years. They're familiar with the ins & outs of the Tulum town and hotel zone like the back of their hand! 

Since we arrived in Tulum 2 years ago, many adventures wouldn’t have been possible without their help - they know literally everybody in Tulum and can perfectly organize every moment of your stay. Get the best tables, skip queues and get on the guest list of the coolest places in Tulum - this’s only the beginning! 

They are ready to offer you guys FREE concierge service in Tulum for the time of your stay: take advantage of it, contact them on Whatsapp and live the best experience!

“Virginia Will Transform You In A Tulum Insider”

IMPORTANT INFO – If you want to feel safer during your trip to Tulum, you should really consider contacting Virginia and Kelly. Nightlife is crazy in Tulum, and some places can get dangerous. Taking advantage of their free service can really make your night safer and make you not worry about a thing.


What comes to your mind about Pablo Escobar? Crime, violence and drugs in Mexico? Keep your answers to yourselves, but Tulum is a good and safe place to visit! Don’t let it stop you!

Below we share our personal experience with crimes in Tulum. You can check Riviera Maya News and The Yucatan Times to stay updated.

Unsafe area in Tulum

As long as you stay in a gated residence and walk on main roads any time of the day, you are safe from any crime. The only thing you should watch out for is being alone at night. Some areas can get dark, and it’s best to avoid it. Follow your guts!


A most common occurrence here, and we are not blaming the locals. You can find many friendly people in Tulum, both local and tourists. But regardless, finders keepers. So, if you lose any important documents, you can start contacting your embassy in Mexico.

Gun violence

Unfortunately, something happened in late 2021. Two Californian bystanders were shot dead due to a cartel shooting.

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“Nightlife In Tulum Is Very Lively”


Since the incident, more police and army have come to protect the people of Tulum. You can see them roaming the streets with their trucks equipped with guns. It’s scary, but we feel safe too.

On the other hand, we are most annoyed that some police officers (not all) charge you a hefty fee if you disobey traffic rules. It’s like “ you screw up so pay us and we let you off the hook”.

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“Xpander Is The Best Car For Day Trips”


Welcome to Tulum safety guide 101. Here we list our guide and tips that will keep you away from trouble, and enjoy a pleasant time in Tulum! Please pay attention to the details of the tips and let’s get to it!

  1. Health Insurance

If you have an international health insurance, make sure it can be used here in Tulum, Mexico. But if you don’t have any health insurance, we suggest being super careful when you are driving and stay out of trouble.

  1. Learn basic Spanish

Actually, you can enjoy Tulum without knowing any Spanish. But, if you plan to travel to cenotes, ruins or local stores, know that most of the local people speak little to no English. So improve your Duolingo courses!

  1. Don’t drink the tap water

The tap water is far from safe. Instead, you can refill a gallon of water for 40 pesos in local stores.

  1. Don’t walk alone at night

At night, Tulum town and the Hotel zone still gets busy. But, things start to calm down and quieter after 10pm. We don’t recommend walking alone after that time.

  1. Don’t leave your belongings: Listen up digital nomads!

Every time you are working in public, please keep all belongings close, even when you are going to the toilet! One of our friends got robbed for leaving his laptop and wallet because he went to the bathroom. Don’t let it happen to you!

  1. Don’t bring too much cash

Bring only 5,000 pesos max when you go out. More than that would be unnecessary.

  1. Bring a photocopy of your documents: Passport and Visa

This very rarely happens, but officers may stop and ask to check for your documents. We never had this issue, but if things go wrong, just comply with them.

  1. Follow traffic rules: For car and scooter drivers!

If you rent a car or scooter, watch for the stop signs and turning signs on every turn. It’s easy to miss!

  1. Avoid swimming alone on the beach: No lifeguard and security

Especially at playa Paraiso (a public beach). There is a high risk of theft if you leave your belongings unattended. Avoid swimming far to the ocean because there are no lifeguards around!

  1. Bring flashlights: Please don’t use your phone!

This is super handy at night. Especially when leaving the playa Paraiso beach.

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“Tulum Residencial Neighborhoods”

is tulum safe shops beach zone

“Tulum Shopping Area At The Beach”


Lastly, these are the things people always ask us about Tulum. Here are some of your answered questions.

  1. What state is Tulum in?

Nestled in eastern Yucatan, Quintana Roo state, Mexico. Many tourists come here mostly to unwind and experience nature-related adventures. Find out why you should travel to Quintana Roo state, and see the best places to travel!

  1. Is it safe to go to the beach during the day and leave at night?

Overall, yes! During the day is the best time to go to the beach. Just be careful not to leave your belongings unattended. Also it’s still safe to be at the beach at night, but don’t leave very late.

  1. What’s the safest area to stay?

Tulum town is divided into 4 main areas: Tulum Town, Beach area, La Veleta and Aldea Zama. All of these places are safe to stay in because these accommodations are gated.

  1. How safe is it to rent vehicles? 

Your best bet to find a trusted vehicle rental is to check for good customer reviews of the said store. If you don’t know where to start, check out our car rental guide or ATV, and avoid scams!

  1. Should solo travelers travel to Tulum? Especially a female

Definitely! Also, cat-calling rarely happens in Tulum and it’s usually harmless. They most likely say “Hola hermosa”, Hello beautiful, and that’s about it.

We hope you find our tips and guides helpful. Please share our article if it may benefit someone else, and leave us a comment of your own experience in Tulum to help readers too. Thank you!

FAQ about Tulum Safety

Is it safe to carry cash in Tulum?

Yes, it is generally safe to carry cash in Tulum. However, it’s a good idea to not carry too much cash around and to keep an eye on your belongings at all times!

Is it safe to drink Tulum’s tap water?

No, it is not safe to drink Tulum’s tap water. It’s always a good idea to carry your own water bottle with filter water! 

Is it safe to rent an apartment in Tulum?

Yes, it is generally safe to rent an apartment in Tulum. However, try to look for recommendations and ask ex -tenants about the area before you make a decision, or read some reviews of the place!

Is it safe to party in Tulum?

Partying in Tulum is generally safe! However, try to be mindful of your surroundings, drink responsibly, and avoid walking alone, particularly late at night!

Is it safe to grab a taxi in Tulum?

Yes! It is safe to grab a taxi in Tulum. However, we recommend you to negotiate the price before you hop in to avoid overcharging.

Are beaches safe in Tulum?

Yes! Beaches are safe in Tulum. However, try not to leave your belongings unattended when you go for a swim! 

Are the cenotes in Tulum safe to visit?

Yes! Cenotes in Tulum are safe places to visit. However, keep in mind that some cenotes are really deep, so just keep the security measures, especially if you don’t swim! 

Is Tulum safe from cartels?

While there are cartels in Tulum, tourists are generally safe from them, as long as you don’t interact with them buying drugs or other illegal activities. 

Where not to stay in Tulum?

In Tulum, it is better not to stay in areas that aren’t well lit, or isolated places. We recommend you to choose accommodations with good reviews and security measures, we try to always select a place with 24/7 security! 

Is it safe to walk around Tulum at night?

Yes, generally, it’s safe to walk around Tulum at night, but stick to well-lit areas and avoid walking alone in unfamiliar places.

Are tourists safe in Tulum?

Yes, tourists are typically safe in Tulum. However, you should take care of your personal belongings at every moment, for example, if you want to go to the toilet when you are working in a cafe, don’t leave your laptop alone without asking someone to keep an eye on it! 

Is Tulum safer than Cancun?

Both Tulum and Cancun are generally safe places. However, Tulum is smaller than Cancun, so it may feel safer due to the fewer people around. 

Is the Riviera Maya area safe?

Yes, the Riviera Maya, including Tulum, is generally safe for tourists. However, it’s important to consider typical travel precautions, such as avoiding lonely unlit areas.

What is the crime rate in Tulum?

Tulum’s crime rate was relatively low, especially compared to larger cities. Mexico’s government tries to ensure tourists’ safety, so many people feel safe when visiting Tulum. However, there have been some reported crimes against tourists in Tulum, especially during the night, so it’s always better to be careful and keep your eyes peeled!

Is it safe to travel alone in Tulum?

Yes, it’s usually safe to travel alone in Tulum. However, you can let someone know your plans if you’re heading to more remote areas or partaking in adventure activities.

Is Tulum safe for female travelers?

Yes, Tulum is safe for female travelers. However, travelers should take standard precautions, such as avoiding isolated areas at night.

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