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Shht, look at this: a page full of travel tips! Here you will find what we learnt while traveling and what helped us overcome obstacles during our travels in foreign countries. Read them all and start traveling!

We lived in Tulum for months and this is our ultimate travel guide. Whether you're staying there a day or a month, this guide is right for you.

Morocco is a contradictory country where you can feel very safe, but in danger at the same time. Here's our guide that, with our tips, will permit you to enjoy your holiday in Marrakech.

From walking on ancient paths to the traditional Cycladic villages, from diving in light blue waters to Loutra's hot springs, discover all the beauties of Kythnos Island.

Kythnos is most probably one of the most understimated island, but it's one of the best destiantion if you want to visit both Athens and Greek islands. So, if that's what you're searching, read our article and discover the beautiful

A thing is sure: the island of Kythnos is full of amazing beaches. From the sandy beach of Kolona to the rocky one in Loutra, you’ll find the beach matching your tastes. Whether you’ll spend your visit sailing the Aegean

Are you organizing your wild camping vacation in Greece, but you still have some questions? In this article we'll share with you our free camping experience in the island of Donoussa. Discover all our tips and start a new adventure!

If in Athens restaurants are a bit more industrial, in Donoussa you’ll have the chance to taste the real Greek food, to try different dishes from Moussaka and to explore the Greek Cycladic cuisine. Keep on reading to discover our

If you are wondering which are the best beaches in Donoussa, don't worry: you're in the right place. From Kedros to Stavros, from Kalotaritissa to Livadi, you’ll be able to find the ideal beach for you. What are you waiting?

If this summer you are searching for adventure, relaxed vibes, beautiful beaches and you're trying everything to avoid mass tourism in Greek islands, Donousa is most probably the best option for your next vacation in Greece. Discover Donoussa, Now!

Are you wondering how far are beaches from Athens? Don't worry, in this article you’ll find our favorite towns and beaches of Athens Riviera. Are you ready to spend your time in Greece on amazing white sand beaches and swim

The two biggest problems that afflict those places? Drug use and dealing, and prostitution. In these areas it can be normal to see people taking heroin on the streets and prostitutes trying to sell their bodies 24 hours a day.

This article is for all of you typing on forums “Is Exarchia safe?” We lived it, we explore it and now we are writing this content to tell you everything about it.

Are you planning to live or to travel to Athens, but when you’re scrolling the hotels there are so many neighborhoods that you can’t choose where to stay? In this article we will try to help you through your research